Adventure sync - Rewards


Got an 10km egg but no rare candy this week.


wish i got that, good luck gettingg Riolu or shiny shinx.


@5GodLink, are those 2 the only 2 hatching from 10km given out from weekly Adventure Sync currently???


No but it is a chance. I meant 10K have them. Better than my 5K eggs and 2K.

edit - i wish they gave higher chance that would be nice.


So any 10km egg from stop/gym would give out Riolu or shiny Shinx, same as the ones from Adventure Sync.


Correct their the same eggs.


So 10km eggs from stop/gym and from Adventure Sync have the same probability hatching Riolu or shiny Shinx, thanks for clarificaton, @5GodLink


@Mew1 apparently 10KM eggs are giving only Riolu or Shinx.

So… yeah amazing luck!!


So if over 50KM always have space for two eggs you’ll get 5Km and 10Km and i probably didn’t have space. :man_facepalming:t4:


Wow, great to know, thanks @5GodLink


I got my sinnoh stone.



I thought you would get the Sinnoh stone with your 7 day streak, and with a chance to have it drop from normal spins. This is just dumb. At this rate its gonna take 11 weeks just for the ones released now. If more are gonna use the Sinnoh stone its gonna be longer. And thats not even counting wanting to get doubles…


I agree. I don’t like how it is implemented.



The one good thing about it is that does allow keep people from creating an army overnight and we can enjoy getting new Pokémon each week. In 10 weeks many will already have most of the available Pokémon so the fact I can look forward to adding to my dex for many weeks does have some appeal. Plus it adds some strategy to which Pokémon you’ll evolve first.

By no means am I saying I love the system, I’m just trying to highlight the positive aspects.


I’m sure Sinnoh Stone will be released in other means, like from research, raid, gift, stop/gym, what else could gives out item now :joy:


Will we get Sinnoh stone in adventure sync?

will i get riolu or shinx or shiny shinx on monday?



well i got cheated. No egg at all! no rare candy. these rewards are RNG and horribly set up.


edit - I had 6 spots open for eggs. Welp, i got finessed


Still 12 hours till reset. 86.4 km this week.


I got the same balls, but only 500 dust and a 10km egg


5km egg for 50+ kms…really Niantic? not even 1 rare candy wow. useless update IMO.