Adventure sync - Rewards


It’s like level 40… once you reach the limit (here 50 km) it doesn’t matter how much more you do, the reward is the same


But it’s nice to know that I get some refill after grinding al week. The 2 bonus rounds filled up my near empty ball-bag. And the level 40 problem is 9 levels away for me.




*level 5 already according to PoGO twitter account.


61 eggs???


According to some online posts, it is reset every Monday at 9am local time.


Hahaha, yes, at the end of the week I thought I was a chicken


It’s Friday morning here on the east coast of the U.S. Where is everybody on thier progress towards 50 km? I’m at 38.7


77.1 and again 41 eggs, jijiji


Only 9 eggs for me. But I only had 1 incubator running until yesterday.




57 eggs and more coming.


80.5 km now and 45 eggs, 6 more incubating. Three of them are 10km, so I hope at least one Riolu will come out…


38.9 now. Hitting 50 before Monday should be a breeze.


The three 10km eggs are out, and… nothing worth to store, and clearly, no Riolu. :disappointed_relieved:

Another 10 km egg, at least the outcome was a Shinx with 26 candies…


48.2 km now. Guess I’ll hit goal tomorrow.


This is without me playing Sunday as I was crawling around under my car all day doing some much needed service work. Took way longer than expected.


I am trying to help my nephew activate adventure sync. He has an iphone


I hit my 50 km at work today…


Got an egg this time.