A thousand year slumber jirachi special research guide


I guess I look at like I got 6 days to get the 3 Excellent curves. The photos will be non issue since I work on Smeargle everyday.


Same here


I’ve found that Partly Cloudy weather seems to be the best time to find them. My husband went from 0 to 3 in just a couple hours today.


Need 7 trainerbattles and the 5 raids. They will be done in a few days. Maybe 2 out of the 5 raids will be done today. But it depends on the tiers and times.


5 days, I should be done.


For the people still struggling to catch 50 Psychic or Steel type Pokémon, the new Researches might be a bit more helpful:

Catch 3 different species of Psychic-type Pokémon for Drowzee;
Win 3 Gym battles for Jynx;
Battle in a Raid for Spoink;
Battle a team leader 2 times for Natu;
Hatch an Egg for Exeggcute (you can also get a Hoppip);
Trade a Pokémon for Bronzor.



Or just open a Meltan Box. :wink:


tomorrow… :star_struck:


Never had that and don’t even need it. Found like 30 in two hours.


Not really needed, but for me it was helpfull. :wink:


Finally got all 3 Whismur!


Going raiding today, so I should be on Step 6 by tonight. :smiley:


Completed Stage 4 an hour ago. Guess the 5 Raids will be the hardest struggle for me. :confounded:


Want the battle part done now?


Sure. If you’re still in.


17:30 i’m back home


That’s fine. I’ll come back at 17:30 then.


Whismur harder to find than Ditto!


I’m just glad I got all 3 Excellent curves done before the 7 days of spinning stops was done. I don’t get those very often.