A thousand year slumber jirachi special research guide



Still stuck on Stage 2 for a bit…


I have to walk a lot tomorrow. So let’s see how far I’ll come.


I’m walking dogs again tonight. Our morning walk got cut short because of rain.


At stage 2 looking for Whismur, hope to catch all 3 before water festival starts on Friday


Damm Whismur. It was showing up around town. Since yesterday have been searching, caught 1. And tomorrow the water festival arrives…


Caught one so far. But I’ve got time. Got 16km to go.


Have yet to see a Whismur spawn since event started.


Same here, @bobbyjack8. Typical pattern for the game, it seems – have weeks on end of seeing Pokémon X seemingly everywhere, get quest to catch some X, suddenly all the X seem to have vanished.



Whismur are plenty before the Research Task started… but after the task is activated, Whismur is nowhere to be found now… I smell Team Rocket conspiracy here :rofl:


Got 2 whismurs and 7.1 km on feebas


Got no Whismur and almost done walking Feebas


Almost done walking with Feebas but not single Whismur caught


The Whismur thing is crazy. They were everywhere here before … now? Zero. lol


Could have finnished Whismur yesterday. Had just locked the doors and let that one go. Seen non today though.But where I’am now the spawns are so random it could spawn any second. Got 9.4km on feebas now.

Edit, now on 10.2km. and haven’t been out of the office in 6 hours. :crazy_face:


I caught 2 Whismur on my way to work, so I have 1 left to go and about half a km left on walking Feebas.


I have yet to spin 3 more Pokestops.


6,1km to go. Have all whismurs. I got the last one a few minutes ago. That 6,1km will be done tomorrow.


I’m done with Feebas. I just need 1 Whismur.


Done with Feebas with 0 Whismur caught