A thousand year slumber jirachi special research guide


Need two more whismur and 17km on feebas.


I’m on stage 3 now and just need to make 3 great throws in a row.


I hope to reach that later today.
I think I’ll end up getting Jirachi in Japan. :sunglasses:


I’m on stage 4 now. Just need the 50 psychic/ steel Pokémon.


Didn’t make it to stage 3. Just sitting in the sun with a cold one was just to good. Tomorrow I’ll plow through the last of part 2 and steam on through part 3.


I can’t even find a whismur to advance from there. I’ve caught nearly 1K Pokémon since the quest chain began, and have only seen 2 whismur :man_shrugging:t2:


It was partly cloudy in the game the whole day and not a single Whismur spawned! I’m stuck on stage 2.


I had a Whismur transform into a Ditto today. I’d have been pissed if I hadn’t completed that step this morning. It did take me over 3 days to find 3 Whismur.


The Water Festival has dropped my chances of getting even one Whismur drastically.


^^^ I got one this morning after water festival started. It looks like across the board, people are having trouble finding Whismur.


It’s funny because when I first saw the task I thought nothing of it. “Piece of cake”, I said to myself … lol


On top of its rarity now, the problem about Whismur is that no quest would reward it


Where I live Whismur has always been spawning much. But right now I’m on holiday and I keep seeing Grass and Fire Pokémon and a few Water types. :man_shrugging:


Caught my first Whismur tonight. Finally! lol


Another day without Whismur :disappointed:


Same here…


Seen none today but I finished it yesterday.

Finished stage 3 also. Just 1,5km walking with a barboach did the trick.

Now 50 steel/psychic are a challenge.


I’m on page 4. Need to catch more Steel and Psychic types, but the presence of Slowpoke has been helpful.


Need 27 psychic steel types to complete stage 4.


Ran into a girafarig nest today so was able to snaffle the 50 psychics.
On stage 5… but I’ve used all my raid passes on 50 fruitless attempts to get a shiny Rayquaza… so it’s gonna take a few days…

Incidentally, the task about ‘WINNING’ 7 battles against other trainers rewarded me with a pass even when I lost… :man_shrugging: