A thousand year slumber jirachi special research guide


32 Steel/Psychic to get before I can move on.


Hopefully that remains true because that will help a LOT!


Not much progress here. Just 2 steel/psy’s today. :tired_face:


I’m going to use the Mystery Box for Meltan for steel types … when I finally get to that step. lol


I got 21 Psychic Steel types left to catch and Mystery Box can be used again tomorrow night.


My first Whismur since the Water festival started!


Second Whismur tonight. Saw it on my radar from home, drove down the street at 2:30AM to get it. lol


Hardcore devotion. :+1:


I’m on stage 5 and going for my 2nd raid today. No hurries here, because I allready have Jirachi from Dortmund. So keeping those green passes for a green Mewtwo. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have already walked 20km with my Feebas (even though I didn’t really walk at all last week🤔) so all that’s left is to catch three Whismur. They have always been quite common where I live so I hope they still are when I’m coming back from holiday tomorrow.


Good luck with that. Wishmur was common here, now near extinction… Same with steel and psychic.


The only psychic or steel I’ve caught in the wild have been Slowpoke and Aron. Good thing I got Meltan box.


Same here :sweat_smile:


Don’t have let’s go…


Still need to find some Whismur, they really vanished since the Water event started. Usually they are a plague like Rattata or Mr. Mime, I supposed to be happy about the fact that they aren’t around anymore…


Went and hit a Skarmory nest last night and got the final 27 Steel/Psychic completed off. Dropped 1 Magnetic Lure on a 2 stop spot with normal Lure on the other and only got 4 Steel types out of it. Went down to the ponds 500m further down where it wasn’t a Skarmory nest and dropped a Magnetic Lure on 1 of 3 Pokestops and that gave me 2 Magnemites in the 30min.
I really feel like those Magnetic Lures were a complete waste to be honest. I got more Pokemon that evolve into Steel (Onix) than I did Steel off the 2 Lures.

Now onto the 5 Raids


Got to Page 6! It’s time for the long grind…


I saw a change in spawns today. A little more psychic and steal types. Even more wishmurs than before.


Time to find a friend who does, then. A couple of boxes could knock out 80% of the task.


It was a good day today. I 14 psy/steel today. It seems de spawns changed a bit.
I’m now on 20.