A thousand year slumber jirachi special research guide


Last whismur I needed showed up and I soon as I clicked on it it disappeared. Then just to mock me it came back to the area after I had already left as shown on radar and couldn’t go back. I keep telling myself it was a ditto to make myself feel better.


You are ahead of me now



Still walking a Feebas


2 Raids to go for me.
Wife and Kids still need 2-3 Whismer. Going out on the hunt tonight for a few hours in about an hour.
Their Feebas have walked 12k so far so that will be done fairly quickly once the eventually get there.


I got those three Whismur already without even trying for them. Also when Whismur appeared in the Sightings I didn’t go for it. Also found three Whismur today already.
I now have to walk two more km’s to go to step 4.


17 psy/steel to go. Got one today. Didn’t had time to look for more.


For those struggling for the Steel/Psychic type Pokémon, here are some Researches currently available that might help:

  • Win 3 Gym Battles for Jynx;
  • Battle in a Raid for Meditite;
  • Hatch an Egg for Spoink or Exeggcute;
  • Use an Item to evolve a Pokémon for Skarmory.


Got to second stage yesterday. Hoping to finish it today and get going on the 3rd stage.


And those tasks are the ones I don’t get. Almost only the watetevent or the 5 nice throws.

Just 2 hour and 20 minutes left of the water(torture)event…


nearly 15 km to go with my buddy


Just got to stage four and fortunately encountered a Skarmory in my Research queue so I’m on 1/50 now.



Finally caught my last Whismur today and then blew through the next stage like it was nothing. Walked about an hour and caught 18 steel/psychic types already (thank you Baltoy and Natu!). Would have stayed out longer but my phone was dying. I’m about to open my gift box for Meltan so getting to 50 shouldn’t be too bad.



5 psy/steel to go, battery on 34%. How finishes first…:thinking:


You guys don’t bring powerbanks with you?


Not when shopping as much as we did yesterday and today. Bought over €500,- for my holiday. (Suitcases, backpacks, hiking shoes, ect) And that is after €200,- discounts… So no extra weight was wanted.

But finished it before my phone could die.


Water festival is over, but I still can’t find Whismur :unamused:


Two more days to spin a Stop. I should get it after spinning one stop tomorrow and then another after midnight. I will then have a complete Pokedex once again…until mid September. XD