A thousand year slumber jirachi special research guide


It’s really bad when your Whismur transforms into a Ditto and it doesn’t count.



I am still at 4/7

Whismur was fairly hard. One even was a ditto


I’m in 5/7, but there are still two mountains to climb for me: the 5 raids (without walking it’s dificult to do them), and the excellent throws. I think if I have not done more than 15 of them since the beginning of the game.


I was worried about the Excellent curves also, but managed to hit them all 3 days into the spin 7 Pokestops each day.


Awfully convenient that the stage 5 task to win 7 times against another trainer is really just to battle 7 times – both trainers get credit for each battle, no matter which wins.

I wish I had reached stage 6 before this week. For me it’s much easier to hit an ‘excellent’ throw against Mewtwo than against Altered Form Giratina.


There were and still are enough spawns here to throw an excellent throw. I had it done before I finished the other tasks

Don’t know how it is at your area though.


I just made an excellent throw on a Seedot


For me it’s an abilty-problem. If I remember well, the last excellent throw I made was 6 month ago… and from beginning in 2016 maybe I made 5 or 6.


I’m glad I can actually throw an Excellent on almost everything when needed. Of course I don’t always succeed, but the opportunity is there with every Pokémon that spawns. When I got to this quest I made the throw on a Barboach I believe.


Those excellent curveball throws are going to be the death of me. I’m hoping to get some with some giratina raids or something. I’ve been trying with almost every pokemon and I just can’t get it.


Makuhita and wailmer are your best friends


Try Smeargle.


Skitty is a good one for me to.


Not every spawn presents a realistic hope for an Excellent throw, and some of them are downright unlikely. Makuhita, Snorlax, Wailmer, and Spheal (after Nanab) are among the easiest, while Shuppet, Plusle, Rhyhorn, Yanma, and all evolutions of Zubat are especially vexing for me.


All my excellent throws are just dumb luck. I don’t possess the skill to do it whenever I like. I’m just glad that task was placed with the spin stops for 7 days, so I had a week to get it done.


Same here, just dumb luck. But some Pokemon help with the the luck.


I’ll definitely try wailmer and makuhita. I don’t even bother catching zubat anymore except the shadows to purify them.


For me, Slugma is easy to hit excellent as well


The following are in the easier category for me to hit excellent throws.
Most T5’s