What is your "End Goal"?

This is a question I’ve been thinking about for a while: What is your end goal while playing Pokemon Go?

I know the most obvious ones that come to mind are “Reach level 40” or “Complete the pokedex”, but I’d be interested to see what keeps everyone coming back to the game each day.

Is it shiny hunting? Getting perfect IVs? Raids and gym battles?

For me, my new goal is building up a strong team for solo raids. No one in my area plays anymore so I’m forced to only take on level 1/2 raids. With the addition of the Pokemon Go Hub “Solo Raid Guides” I’ve been compelled to start trying these out. I have a few good pokemon but I’m currently trying to build up a strong team of Alakazams, Machamps etc so that I can give these raids a go. As I struggle to get TMs from low level raids, evolving to a good moveset is my only option so it could take a while!

this may be a very boring answer but i like hanging out with my fellow players. That’s my end goal, play with friends and meet people. I hate myself for giving such a stupid answer…

In the beginning it was catching, leveling and getting the best mons. And it still is, but not as much.
Last sunday we did a trigger run in my city for almost 10 hours. I had a blast running and racing around with such a big group.


Honestly, I’d love to be able to do that. I really wish there were more people raiding and still playing in my area. Even though my town is small we’re after getting three new gyms and there’s more and more raids.I seen that the last community day had a big turn out in the city though, so hoping to get involved.

Playing with others, finishing the dex, becoming the strongest in our group, etc

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Well, level 40 is something im just gonna get whitin a month or 2 (level 39, 2,5 million more to go) so not really a worthy goal anymore.
I find that i cant be bothered to complete the pokedex. Ill get there when i get there.
I do enjoy gymming. Almost at 20k hours defended. Also raiding is alot of fun. Met alot of people trough it. At the moment im still working on understanding EX-raids, just cause im curious about it. Thats a bit of a goal.
The one after will be reaching level 10 in ingress (almost there) and putting atleast 1 portal and 1 gym in every level 14 cell in our city, wich should add about 70 more to the exsisting 120.

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The game has made me go out and take walks without being bored out of my mind. I do want to make it to 40 (600k away from 39!) and I would love to complete my dex…unfortunately niantic has decided to make it almost impossible for me. I will say shinies and raids keep me going day to day, but my shiny luck is horrible. I mainly value the camaraderie in the community and the exercise I have gotten due to the game

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I arrived at 40 a few days ago taking almost 1 year.
However, it was not enough for me to play Pokemon Go.

My personal aims are to

  • get at least 1,000 candies for all Pokemon
  • catch at least two 100% IV Pokemon for all Pokemon (male, female) and strengthen it to the full.
  • get all gold medal
  • make some good friends to play with around me.

As you see, it cannot be stopped forever… haha :slight_smile:
Just do it for your health and joy.

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Hopefully the game will improve for all

I want to complete each Pokedex. Just need 7 more for Kanto and 9 more Johto. Hoen has been even easier to complete so far. Don’t care about IVs, I just want at least one of each.

That was my original goal when the game was first released. I’ve made good progress in it too. For me, completing the Pokedex excludes legendaries (there is literally no one around to raid with) and regionals. But taking them out I’ve completed gen 1, just need Hitmontop and Unown to complete gen 2, and working through gen 3 quite nicely at the moment.

Hopefully you can get rid of the troll, would be a real shame to see someone lose interest in the game just because of one bad egg

You have your work cut out for you with those goals haha but they’re really good goals as it’s going to keep you playing for a long long time. And gives you a reason to catch every pokemon you see

I have noticed that I don’t mind walking nearly as much any more, even in the cold and rainy weather of Ireland. It keeps me entertained any time I’m out and makes the commute to work much more tolerable. Are you in a very rural area and that’s the issue with completing the Pokedex?

I work in a decent size city and have no complaints about the overall pogo experience in my area. I am able to do legendary raids and have plenty of gyms/stops.

I was referring to the ever increasing number of regionals niantic has added to the game. Barring another far fetched type event I likely won’t be getting many of the regionals…though I would love to visit your country for mr. mime. Ireland is near the top of my international travel wishlist

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There is no “End Goal” To ANY pokemon game in my opinion. Pokémon is life, and life always goes on, with each day bringing new challenges and surprises! For example, I still play Soulsilver and Y to THIS DAY! Completing the pokedex is just one thing you can do. Also, the great thing about GO is it’s constantly being updated, so there will always be new features to look forward to!


With the weather updates, Mr. Mime has become even more common in Ireland (well Dublin anyway). The city centre of Dublin is good for Pokemon Go other than the lack of players. Spawns/gyms/stops are decent.

Im Gonna Be The Very Best Like No One Ever Was…


End goal? Wait is this like when at a job interview they give you one of those questions where the answer is so blatantly obvious you start to over think why the question in the first place what garden path are they trying to lead me down now? Where’s my wife? Where’s my wallet?

i haz job now please

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There was another topic here a while back with much the same question;

My objectives are/were;
A) to get to TL40 (done)
B) complete the available dex via actual travel to see parts of the world I haven’t seen (still need Heracross, Tauros, Relicanth, Torkoal & Plusle I think - still have to evolve some Gen IIIs though: Lotad, Trapinch, Wilmer & Feebas lines )
C) at some point get all the Unowns (only 5 so far)
D) max out all of my 100% mons (stardust events are handy but with the list expanding it is now becoming a drain on my stardust resources so this is now becoming a longer term goal…)
E) catch some shiny mons (got 13 so far including a shiny Pichu, Mawile, Duskull & Gyarados)
Now we can add getting to 50m XP - this one is bit of a longer term goal…


Getting legendary pokemon, completing pokedex, and getting unown

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