What Are Your Goals For Pokemon Go?

My personal goals for the game were simply to play with my friends and enjoy it. Unfortunately they all stopped playing when I got into the game in mid-August.
My ultimate goals were two very simple things:

  1. To obtain one Million stardust (done, then spent within 24 hours0
  2. To hit Level 38 (so I can max out those Pokémon)
  3. To continue to play (at least) until my boy Rayquaza came out.

Well, what are your goals for the game?

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  1. To complete my entire Pokédex
  2. To get 10 mil stardust
  3. To max out every single Pokémon (100% IV)
  4. Reach 100,000,000 XP
  5. Meet new people
  6. Have fun!

Those are some ambitious goals, good luck with them!

Yeah I know. I’ll tell you about it in like 40 years

Come on, have some faith. Maybe 36 years?

Hmm…other than setting goals for Pokemon GO, I expect new features and systems in Pokemon GO. Given the structure of Pokemon GO, it is unlikely to last for 10+ years.


I hope to see all this things before I need a wheelchair… and when you talk about +10 years I’m not quiet shure.

Yeah. 10 years could be a long time though. I’ve never seen a mobile game which can last for such a long time.

I’ve started to play with an Atari and Commodore back in '80, ten years later I had my first handy…

Ha yeah maybe if I try my best

However I don’t think Pokemon GO will be the lucky one. Players quit Pokemon GO so often and those systems are released in slow motion compared to other moblie game.

It’s better for you to specify point 5 and 6.

Rayquaza!! 'Nuff said xP

Nice going on the stardust, I’ve been floating around 50k for ages xD

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I only use it on 100% IV, so I don’t need soo much

  • complete pokedex (male, female & shiny)
  • complete medals
  • travel

I couldn’t care about regionals so filling the Pokedex with every thing is not a goal for me. My opinion of that will change if they make them freely available everywhere or possible from an Egg Hatch (I’d like to see a 20 or 50k egg for these, whole separate discussion)

So on to the real goals.

  1. Get to Level 40 (should do before year end)
  2. Catch any 100%er I don’t, to have at least 1 of each (Dreaming)
  3. Complete all the Medals (26 Unknown and 1000 Raids will be a massive challenge)
  4. Get Gym Gold Medals on all the ones in my main playing area (doable but will be a challenge)
  5. Power all my fully evolved 100%ers up to Maximum CP (Dreaming)
  6. Catch all Shiny’s if there is one for the type.

For now it is reaching Level 40, but then i will try to get more golden gym badges and medals. I also want to power up every pokemon i own

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I think 4 of your dreams are quiet dreams, but I like a lot your list…

To catch a shiny magikrap, it’s ridiculous how many I’ve caught to no avail. Also to reach level 40 and complete the dex, all I have are the remaining legendaries to hit the US, including mewtoo because I don’t have any sponsored gyms in my town, region-locked, and unknown.

At least you have sponsored gyms in your country, England has none at all.