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What is your "End Goal"?

Ahh I’m only new to the forum so didn’t scroll back through, thanks for the heads up!

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My end goal is to complete the pokedex and to enjoy the goals when they come out.

Getting a 100iv

im really surprised it took this long for someone to type this out lol

Maybe a typical/boring answer: Completing the Pokédex, as well as being able to exercise by walking many miles to hatch eggs as well as traveling places I may not have wanted to travel to to get regional exclusives

Never had an end goal. Just wanted soms of my favorites in game. Seems like i’m almost done.

My own personal goal is to keep soloing or duoing 3s and 4s. Trying to beat certain times or challenges using unique mons to do it like the mighty moth challenge.

There will never be a end goal for me because I will never reach the level cap (which will keep on increasing) or register them all (I am a casual player that lives in a casual area).

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was…

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Play with others,hit Level 40 and gotta catch em all!

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