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Pokemon guessing game

Dugtrio from Alola

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I did not watch Grey’s anatomy enough to actually use this hint. But as @bagguille gyessed, alolan dugtrio?

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I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy.
As fas as I’m aware Dr. Mark Sloan doesn’t appear on that particular programme.

Sorry but it isn’t alolan Dugtrio :frowning:

Clue no.6: Someone would probably guess this first time.

This hasn’t quite worked out the way I hoped it would. Ho hum 🫤… let’s finish it off and put me out of my misery…

Clue no.7: Hang Ten!
Clue no.8: 21-4
Clue no.9: where is @bobbyjack8 when you need him? :grin:

I catch up clue no 5: this track is called Leopard skin - Pill-box Hat

Dont see how to put in the clues, but maybe Liepard?


You are right about the track :heavy_check_mark:
But wrong about Liepard :heavy_multiplication_x:

:thinking: maybe there is Pokémon that likes to wear hats?

Clue no.10:

This ones I have at home, but his name is Felpa, doesnt work in this game…

And he has no better idea than to hide in a …


Haha :laughing:! Brilliant… what a cute, fantastic, lovely cat you have!

Clue no.11:

Dont tell me your talking about this everlasting, fabulous number one in all Pokémon games ???

But then I dont understand none of your clues…

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YESSSSSS!!! it’s Pikachu! Well done (at last) to @bagguille :smiley::+1:

I guess I have some explaining to do… :man_shrugging:t2:

  1. Slapped arse = red cheeks

  2. Dr. Mark Sloan is the amateur sleuth played by Dick van Dyke in the long-running detective show ‘Diagnosis Murder’

  3. Welsh football team = Wrexham FC - owned by Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds - the voice of Pikachu in the Detective Pikachu movie

  4. These are lyrics from the song ‘You’re the one that I want’ from the musical Grease! in which John Travolta screams “It’s Electrifying!!!” - a reference to Pikachu’s typing

  5. Leopard-skin pillbox hat - Pikachu wears a lot of different hats in PoGo.

  6. If everyone had to name one Pokémon what would the most popular answer be?

  7. Hang Ten is a surfing term. Pika famously knows how to surf.

  8. 21-4 = 21st April in this thread someone guessed Pikachu on that date

  9. @bobbyjack8 always interjects (except this time!?!?) with the answer “It’sPikachu!!

  10. Heart-shaped and lightning bolt tails

  11. Felpa as Pikachu.


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I thought it would be funny if I gave some obscure clues and then @bobbyjack8 guessed Pikachu and he would be right for once…

…but he never guessed so the joke fell flat… ho hum 🫤🤷🏻‍♂️

Your turn now @bagguille :grin::+1:

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Nooo, pleaaase, I have to change home on friday, so I will be out some time. This was the reason I dont mentioned him by his name, hopng someone will be faster than I.
Please, someone could take my turn. I will do in another moment.

I can’t do another one… it might kill the thread stone dead :rofl:

Someone else will have to step up…

@Brobraam , @Branebs , @Jormdeworm , please, help me out…

Give me a minute to think of one

This pokemon is feared among players battling other players it in the main series games.

First extra hint:
I hope you don’t want this pokemon in your house if you don’t own it