Pokemon guessing game

Guessing game ; Pokemon Edition.

Rules: Must guess pokemon before going to another.

First : drop 1 hint
People will guess off the first hint. After a while of guessing if wrong. 2 more hints will be said.

Don’t continue till Guessed correctly.
Who ever guesses correctly gets to make the next hint for the guessing game.

ill start it off.

Pokemon: I am ready for a costume party, but my mother might not let me go. Who am i?



good try, not it. That woulda been tooo easy :slight_smile:


smart one, but not it.

Can it be a Pokemon from any generation or only those that are in the game?

It can be any pokemon you think of.

There is a big hint in the first hint tho, if you played Pokemon Yellow

I haven’t played any of the Pokemon games before Pokemon GO. My guess would be Mr. Mime.


not mr mime.

How many guesses do I have?

till it’s answered

Is it Clefable?

:-1: nope

I think it’s Kangaskhan.

almost, was gonna make 1 about it but seemed to easy

Is it… Pikachu?

Is it kangaskhan?


Nope, nope, nope.

Okay another hint.

I am a mamasboy, but dont think i am a crybaby.

I am in Gen 1.