Niantic infographics

In this thread, official infographics made by Niantic themselves shall be posted.

Please refrain from discussing events in this topic as much as possible so that the most recent post is the most recent infographic, although small things like questions are allowed regarding the infographics are allowed.

If it turns out to be a bigger conversation I’ll move it to a more fitting thread entirely.

Niantic published their November events infographic.

November 27th is probably a Research Day or an Incense Day that I assume has something to do with Solrock and Lunatone. Maybe Cosmog, but I’m not really seeing them doing that as it is only just released.


Official infographic for the Día de Muertos event made by Niantic for who’s interested.

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Here’s the infographic for probably one of the worst events ever for who is interested. At least they didn’t add too many Pokemon to the 7km hatch pool. Still though this is probably the second worst event we’ve ever had.

November Community Day infographic by Niantic.


Niantic’s infographic for the upcoming Astral Eclipse event.

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Well. and why they give us only one Cosmog, but two final evolutions? …

My decision, I will wait until night and evolve it to Lunala, it’s just a little bit better designed…

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December Content Update. Hisuian Avalugg (and likely its Shiny form as well), Shiny Galarian Mr. Mime and Mega Glalie will be released this month. Looks like Keldeo is coming too. No word on the new Season so far. Cubchoo can be shiny, so I’m guessing someone at Niantic forgot again but it would be a very Niantic move to remove the shiny possibility.

December 2022 Community Day graphic.

Ignore the Zigzagoon, it’s supposed to be its Galarian form but whoever makes these infographics at Niantic loves to make mistakes.

There’s another add on for this event too because we love them but it’s not included in this infographic.


Winter Holiday Part 1 infographic.

New Year’s 2023 infographic.

No ticketed add-on! :smiley:


Crackling Voltage infographic.


February Content Update infographic.

Shiny releases Februrary 2023:

  • Tapu Lele (Valentine’s Day Event)
  • Frillish* (Valentine’s Day Event)
  • Gardevoir (wild) (Valentine’s Day Event)
  • Mega Gardevoir (Valentine’s Day Event)
  • Tropius (Hoenn Tour)
  • Primal Groudon (Hoenn Tour)
  • Surskit (Hoenn Tour)
  • Unown H (Hoenn Tour)
  • Relicanth (Hoenn Tour)
  • Jirachi (Hoenn Tour)
  • Gulpin (Hoenn Tour)
  • Kecleon (Hoenn Tour)
  • Primal Kyogre (Hoenn Tour)
  • Torkoal (Hoenn Tour)
  • Cacnea (Hoenn Tour)

*Frillish’s Shiny release isn’t technically confirmed but basically everything points at it.

Nothing else is expected.


Valentine’s Day Event infographic.

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Primal Rumblings infographic.

Combusken, Grovyle & Combusken can not be encountered Shiny. This is the second time they mess that up :man_facepalming:

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Hoenn Tour habitat exclusive spawns infographic.


Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Global infographic.

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March Content Update.

Took ‘em long enough.

March 11th is Regieleki.

Disappointing Season…

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