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Of course, tests don’t really show WHY the excellents got harder; but they do help to understand HOW they got harder. (i.e., not the REASON they’re harder, but the MANNER in which they are harder)

Then again, it makes no real difference to me why they did this. But it is of use for me to understand how to deal with it. So a helpful vid.

Not quite sure why the change suddenly renders his thousands of clips worthless, since they still documented excellent throws for his dex. But what appears mysterious is often just weird.

Another video on this guy’s feed is about tricks for encountering (and then catching) more Galarian birds. His vid has many tries, all of which fail until the final one. And almost every time he’s about to try again, he mentions that his buddy (a shiny Tapu Fini) is on the screen, as if it’s essential. He even makes a point of saying its name, but doesn’t disambiguate the spelling. Are we supposed to name it “neal” or “neil”? Or even maybe “kneel”?? Oy.

And after all that hand-wringing, this came in the 5 minutes AFTER the hour, and with no shiny Legendary buddy at all, let alone one bearing a particular name. (So it’s still a mystery when the Daily Incense will spawn a Galarian bird, or what causes it.)

(caught with the Master Ball…)


Y’know I never read what any of the in-game characters have to say. I always click through them as rapidly as possible to get back to the action.

So everyone has probably seen this already.

But for some reason I happened to pause on this the other day… and it struck me that this grunt could be the new Niantic Spokesperson :grin:


Wow, since when a factory use a valid insult in a promotion video?

Wow… not sure how this individual got through our spam detection system.

Either way, the forum has been unclogged and the spam should be gone now.

Also, congratulations @celery for being our User of the Month, again! :partying_face:

Thanks for flushing all those spam threads, @Jormdeworm . I was already avoiding Temu like the plague (and like TikTok, another tool of the Chinese Communist Party).


To me it doesn’t matter from where it comes (I don’t relay them to a specific origen), but I hate them.

Nothing personal, just philosophical. I choose not to cooperate with someone who has a stated goal of using capitalism to destroy capitalism. Life is hard. But I like the freedom to pursue extra reward through extra risk or extra work. Just explaining why I shun tiktok and temu, not trying to start a political or religious debate here.




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Orange army is no more :disappointed:

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Tomorrow morning I’m leaving until Wednesday. Volunteer work at summer camp, I’ll be the one who cooks for half of the camp

I might be online in between but I can’t guarantee that


0h noes! You’re gonna miss the Big Event!
By which I mean The Euros :soccer: Final of course! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::england:🎉


I don’t care that much for football

Maybe I’d watch if the Netherlands would’ve reached the finals :joy: but they didn’t