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Why is forum so dead these days? Where is everybody?


Where I am? I’m lurking around every other day. Planning a big summer camp for 90 scouts that’s happening in a few weeks along with some other events that will happen in the next week. Finals. Family in the hospital.

I genuinely hope I have the time to play next community day, but I fear it will be just half an hour of using lures for me.

“Growing up” (going to uni) sucks a bit lol
I have less time these days. And I’d love to spend an hour a day on the forums. But I simply can’t.

However, if there’s something urgent with the forums people can always contact me via discord and I’ll be here asap.

I still love the people here! Real life just gets in the way.

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I should not be a up so late now lol. I Have a major test tomorrow at 11 AM

But I’ll send some pics (perhaps even some AR ones) when I am going.

I have no issues with Go Hub. PoGO has lost a lot of its lustre in recent months, though. Not so much energy or time for playing or posting, but hoping that will swing back sometime soon.

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I’m nearly all day at the beach with my wife. From now to october my frecuency here is all day, but lesser time.

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I’m still here… but…

• I haven’t had a new shiny or hundo in weeks
• All the Forum Challenges seemed blocked at some ‘unpassable’ stage
• I don’t have anything controversial to say
• I’ve run out of jokes

:clown_face: knock knock :fist::fist:
Who’s there? :face_with_monocle:
Felix who? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Felix my ice cream :icecream: again I’m going home! :clown_face:

Told you I’d run out of jokes


I have hardly been on here the past 2-3 months because I’ve hardly been playing Pokemon GO at all. Niantic’s only continuing to make the game worse and I just can’t like it anymore.

Might your shiny Meltan change that? Maxing out a shiny Mewtwo noticeably improved my feelings about the game.

Just came back to this forum after over a month to complain about how 3 remote raid passes costs 300 Pokecoins now. It’s entirely worthless because you can get the exact same amount of remote raid passes at the exact same price if you buy them as one item. I was quite busy with assignments and have lost quite the motivation to visit this forum, but still play the game as part of regular exercising through walks.

On this day, three years ago, I began my journey. In 2019, I caught 2 legendaries, each with varying difficulty, I was among the many new trainers around the world to encounter Team GO Rocket for the first time in-game. At first, it was practically effortless. Other kids around my neighborhood would basically be walking out just to discover a Pikachu during July 2019. On July 25, I caught my first Pikachu and donned the straw hat that hasn’t been changed since. In 2020, I participated in my first Go Fest. I registered many new Pokedex entries. On Gastly Community Day 2020, I caught my first shiny Gastly. In September, I got to experience Mega Evolution for the first time. I even managed to turn gastly into a level 40 Gengar that is capable of Mega Evolving. In 2021, I caught 15 legendaries (most of them were repeats). I did mostly mega raids to obtain mega energy for pokemon. I have done 27 of them, getting mega energy for the following: Charizard, Venasaur, Blastoise, Manectric, Gengar Aerodactyl, Abomasnow, and Steelix (this one was a chore to do). This year, I am now close to Level 40, and hope to get even closer as summer goes on. What I managed to do was gather mega energy for Latios and Houndoom. I finally got 2000 beedrill mega energy (because honestly, I did this during quarantine because I was really bored). Now, I think back on all the fun I’ve had since then, and I realized that it took patience to get to where I am now. But enough about that, I’ve kept you here too long. What I’m trying to say is that I hope to make more memories like this like I did three years ago.


That’s a wonderful story! Maybe I’ll share mine next week. First I’m catching some pokemon today

I’ve caught today a Mesprit in the wild… have not heard that this is posible


Been too hot to take my ‘dog’ for a walk. Staying busy indoors.

In the last days I had to block 5 users with anouncements from viagra to girls for company…

Maybe it’s for being summer?

I don’t think it’s a summer thing. I’ve had to block stuff like that year around. Not really sure why I keep getting announcements geared towards guys.

Perhaps. Last few months we’ve had less spammers than we had this week. I blocked a few as well

In any case it’s boring, ridiculous, annoying… don’t know what more to say.
More at all looking at the thematic of our web.

I just found this old picture of a very rare Shiny Shadow! :smiley:



Give me a clue… an unown… :joy: :joy: :joy:

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