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I’ve still got my copy of Hitch-hikers from 1980!

It cost a whopping 95 pence!


Absolutely loved the books when the trilogy was still just 3. I re-read the 3 before reading the 4th, when that came out, and still enjoyed them greatly. But it did reach a point of hilarity overload for me, too. An occasional break from the absurdity was necessary. The obliques grew sore from too much continuous laughter.


I only made it through the first book. I love to read but I more into action packed suspense. Once in a while I find myself enjoying a romance novel.

As kid I to churn out Hardy Boys novels.
Now if I read it’s mostly books on Motor Sport in particular Ton Top Racing golden eras of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

New version of the game, and directly seen a good change.

When you fullfill a step of more than one investigation with one capture or action, the game doesn’t show them all anymore, but only once “Investigations actualized”


In all candor, I wonder whether I’ll notice the change, since I don’t recall noticing any missing weather effects in the first place.

Hahaha, a moment ago I entered alone in a Rockruff Raid. And seconds later entered 5 more, but their names were all Shino(two numbers)chan. And after the raid one had won a Trainer Achievement called: Leader in Friendship, because he had invited 4 friends to the raid.

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Initially, it seemed like that ridiculous award was going to the host, who (by inviting 5) virtually always has the most ‘friends’ in a raid.

It cracks me up to see the way it goes out of its way to spread the awards around. There is always an award for final strike. And if no other functional awards are listed (like hardest hitter, stamina specialist, or charged-and-ready) one can infer that all those were earned by the final strike winner. And the rest of the awards will be trivial or superficial, like flush-with-friends, charisma trainer, style savant, walk star, traveler, or the big one.

A ‘participation award’ by any other name… :smirk:


There’s plenty of roads that look similar… I remember that the bus stop of Disney’s Animal Kingdom resembles the same thing on the map of pokemon go

I could have gone without knowing that.

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I have the sensation that the variety of spawns has gone down

I’ve been really busy with many things lately.

I’m at Big Fish/Small Rat catch parity!
Spooky! :ghost:


A question, I had made an Excel-chart to calculate the CP based on lvl and IV.

It was working fine (maybe used the last time in 2021), but today nothing. In all Pokémon i’ve tried it gives wrong CP.

Anybody has heared that the values to calculate this have changed?

I’m not aware of any recent changes in that. But is the relationship between those values always deterministic? I recall having some species that had overlapping CP ranges for different IV values at the same level.

I bought my GoFest ticket today after I confirmed I was off work


Oh yes, there are overlapping values, but the chart calculated for every half level 15 * 15 * 15 CP-values, one for each combination of IV.

How is this possible? I’ve got more kudos than views.

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