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6 Trainers and fell short :flushed::flushed: What the hell are people using?
Just for comparison. I did 5 weather booted last night in Raid hour, 4x Latios and 1x Latias with 6 Trainers and smashed all very easily with most having 80sec remaining on the count down.
Admittedly 5 Mega Gengar were used with all being Great Friends for the boost.
3 Teams had Megar Gengar as lead while others used Giratina in the lead spot
2 Teams had Mega Gengar in second spot while the other 4 had Giratina in that position.
All positions after that were a mix of Zekrom, Salamance, Dragonite, Palkia or Dialga.
Only 1 team had any L50 Pokémon. The others were L40.

These are easily done if a bit of effort and thought is made building suitable teams. For too long some players have gotten by while others do all the work and heavy lifting.
I feel sorry for those that have suitable teams being affected by those that just can’t be bothered.

For those that get invites from me. You can be safe knowing you will get it done as my KungFu is :muscle: :grinning:

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That’s got to be a rhetorical question, since we can’t know the levels or moves of their teams, even if we can know player level from the lobby and infer from the battle screen some of the mons they use. The full-team losers I’ve been a part of had at least a couple of trainers under level 40, occasionally even some under level 30.

The hardest to predict and control is those full teams that suddenly become partial, whether by hasty bailouts before battle, or by some of them having network glitches or game crashes.

Either way, I’m pretty much done raiding Mega Latios / Latias. I may not raid more Mega Legendaries without knowing the other players (and knowing we won’t have half of them bail out at the last second of the countdown).

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We can use this topic to organize mega raids in advance and to discuss our teams and movesets

I had an idea for a third part of my fanfic but I had already decided to stop writing in this series. Does anyone want to try continuing the story?Just pm me to reply.

My wife has made a test this morning and is positive in COVID… so there will be one week at home.

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‘sigh’ I’ve gone and done it again. This time I’m waiting for feedback before I write anymore just to see if it’s worth continuing the story.

May your wife recover quickly and you escape transmission.

Hope she gets well soon.

I was in quarantine 2 weeks ago as I unluckily caught it from only 3 places as my movements before symptoms were:
Tues-Sat_work (I was in baler room so little to no contact with anyone else)
Tues_supermarket for 30min
Wed_ petrol station for 10min
Wed_same cafe I have dinner every Wednesday for 45min
Came down with symptoms after work Saturday.
I always mask up when out and sanitise hands so like I said just got unlucky.
Felt no worse than mild flu/bad cold.
It’s messed my Asthma up a bit leaving me with the Asthma cough over a week later but that’s slowly getting better each day.
I’m double Vaxed but no booster. That has only come due in last month. Just haven’t had time to fit it in.

Thankfully I haven’t had COVID. Just had a nasty mass the filled the majority of my sinus cavity. Spend 6 hours in a surgery that should have only lasted 4. Finally able to breathe properly and still rediscovering scents that I hadn’t been able to detect for a year. Took a lot of COVID tests and antibiotics before the doc decided a more thorough test needed to be done.

Glad your condition’s improving. :muscle:

Thanks for the good wishes and observations. Hope it will let me out, so I can care for her.

Well, shurely I would like to read more. But since when a reader can tell a writer what to do? :joy: :joy:

I think there’s nothing badder to read as a text the writer doesn’t want to write.

So, it’s in your hands (or brain)

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I do want to write. It’s just I’m not getting many views and I still have a book I need to finish writing. I just want to know if what I’m writing is being enjoyed by others. I’m an artist first so feedback helps give me an idea of which of the endless directions I can go with this. I’m mostly just conflicted as to where to go from here.

Mmmh, since I was 10, so a liitle bit more than half a century ago, I read more or less one book every week. I cannot sleep without having read at least some pages. Only the militars during my services had the power over me to interrupt this habit.What I want to say is, that I enjoy a lot reading, it feeds my fantasy.
And yours as well… ok, your not Tolkien or Orwell, and I don’t think you try to be. But your writing is handsome, enjoyable, to pass a good time.
About the amount of views, don’t know how to help there, no idea of promotion.

In any case, yes, I would like to go on in your history.

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Very well. I shall continue. I also have I book published that I wrote while I was in highschool if you’re interested.

Of course, I’m allways open for new experiences.

Good luck! And get well soon

I used to love reading. But the fact that I needed to read for school, made me not want to pick up a book as fast as I used to. Dutch literature usually is boring. Or about things that I don’t want to read or watch on tv, even though I’m 19 years old.

There have been one or two books that weren’t boring to me that I had to read.

I want to love reading again. So I’ll re-read the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, and continue with the four sequels afterwards. Maybe my love for reading reignites.


Huh, I’ve tried them, but for me a little bit too hilarious.
I like more things like Enders game from Orson S. Card and others from this serie.
Or Clive Cussler, Trevanian, … there are so much, can’t even tell