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Hahaha, that’s funny.
In my case, I’ve given you a Kudo in the second part of the series and since then the web don’t let me give you another.


Thanks for the the kudo.

Ha, this morning I have tried again, and now there are 36. Seems they have changed the rules for the Kudos.

The email alert I get for updates to the fanfic shows guests are leaving kudos. Starting to wonder if the hit counter is not working properly. One kudo can be left per person per work. At least that’s what the rules use to be.

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It will be difficult for me to resist the habit of playing, when it means ending my daily spin and catch streaks, especially since I like to spend my day off playing Pokémon GO, and the 30th is my day off for next week.

But I’ve had it with the playability feature rollbacks, and will sit out on May 30 in support of this PoGO player strike.


I already had to stop playing. This garbage about not allowing pokestops on certain places deemed as farmland when it’s clearly accessible to public while in other places surrounded by crops in the middle of nowhere along highways there’s PokeStops. :rage::rage::rage:

I do miss my Lycanroc, but sadly I still refuse to play again. I’m just going to finish writing my fanfic instead.


Has anyone noticed when you have the game settings with no volume on the chime from the camera still makes sound?


Yess, they have more control than you believe

Yeah, I flamed about that here a couple of years ago. It will chime even if your phone is set to mute. Only if the volume is lowered all the way to zero can you take a picture in the game without making a sound.

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Two favorite franchises mixed together

I usually keep my phone silent anyway so I didn’t notice before.

Should I purify it or evolve it into shadow Gardevoir?

Mine doesn’t.

Keep it like it is. Gardeviir dies to any charges attack anyways, so you can just do more damage by keeping it as a shadow

Got a new phone. Thought I’d try pokemon go on it and check on Daybreak. Discovered my brand new phone has ARcore. For the very first time, I can now play with my buddy with ar+. Yes I’m aware I’m late to the ar+ part of the game but I was beginning to think I would never be able to see it with a prepaid phone.


I’m looking for some indication that this ‘walkout’ is still taking place. The thread cited in this article was closed by moderators on that site, and none of the discord channels I watch has any mention of players sitting out the day. Has any of you had any word of it in your area?

Were a million players sit out the same day, it might get Niantic’s attention. But if a thousand do it, the company wouldn’t even notice.

Nothing heared nowhere, but I was busy all day, so mine is a sit-out without intern reasoning.

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I haven’t heard anything either.

What a change… you know I’m looking the informations of hundos caught around the world. And this list is directly influenced by the spawns Niantic offers (a Pokémon which doesn’t spawn, never can be a hundo).

And you cannot imagine the change in the last 24 hours. Before all the time a group of maybe 20-25 Pokémon appeared, some more, some only a few times.

But now, every five minutes a Pokémon I would like to have.