I wrote to Niantic and they replied!

I sent a request to Niantic about a Lucky Raid Pass yesterday.
Today, I received an email from someone who works for Niantic and he said that they like my idea and they think it’s really interesting! However, they can’t make any promise on what’s coming. They appreciate the feedback and experience that players share with them because it helps them understand the game from a player’s perspective. They will continue to improve the game.
That’s great because it shows Niantic is listening and is interested in players’ ideas. So if you have a good idea to make the game better, send a request to Niantic. Maybe it becomes part of the game.


I can spam them with ideas if I want…

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Awesome, I wish they replied to me :joy:


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what email did you use

He went to here, Anyone Know How to Contact Niantic? , then I told him how to do it.


Can you tell us more about the raidpass idea?

Im sorry to pop your dreams, i really liked them but Niantic always sends repliesnlike that,’i think they even copy it and send it to everyone, ive seen people who were happy niantic replied(5 months ago), and they didnt do anything with it


They sent me the same response multiple times whenever i emailed about my ideas, i doubt anyone really reads them :pensive:

Yeah they just ctrl + v when they get a mail, my mom once got from critical issue an email(she bought something in shop and didnt get anything) and they did send a mail that nothing was wrong and that you can earn coins every 21 hours…(3 months after new gym system)
She did get the storage tho(1 month later)

The reply I received was from a Niantic employee Kirk and he wrote:

We really appreciate your enthusiasm toward the Pokémon GO and taking your valuable time for sharing your suggestion about introducing Lucky Raid Boss, and this idea sounds really interesting which would help all Trainers. However, we can’t make any promise on what’s coming, however, we would like to share that it’s the feedback and experience shared by the player which helps us in understanding the game from a players perspective and improving the game experience.

He even made a typo Lucky Raid BOSS instead of Pass, so it’s not copy-paste reply.


Everything you need to know is here

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Step one: Copy+Paste the typical response for suggestions
Step two: fill out the blank spot for suggestion
Step three: send it
Step four: ???
Step five: profit

Why would they bother to reply if they don’t think the idea is possible to be added in the game? They don’t reply to everybody’s requests.

To look like they actually read emails?

What we can do now is to post about Lucky Raid Passes on Twitter and other social media and to send messages to Youtubers. They can spread the word easily and maybe Niantic decides to do something.

Yeah it says lucky boss lol
Niantic sucks

They didnt reply to me sorry to pop your dreams :joy:

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Go to @Branebs topic :grin:

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The fact they said emails are how they inprove the game experience really proves something.