New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)

Which new items should be added in Pokemon GO? Choose up to 7 items.

  • another infinite incubator
  • lucky raid pass
  • silver/golden pinap berry
  • golden nanab berry
  • bluk berry
  • wepar berry
  • master ball
  • evolution stones
  • IV boost item
  • shiny charm
  • new type of incense
  • new type of lure module
  • new type of ball
  • other (write in the comments)

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I’m glad that so many of you like my idea of a Lucky Raid Pass. Thank you!

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What are those berries for?

XP and Stardust

I think our game need some fresh wind so to speak ,I think every month or every 3 or few months they need realease new items, give us a fresh spirit, also give us a item to convert advanced balls to red, I always end up stuck with hundreds of blue and ultra balls, but no red because go plus.

Gotta love a Masterball


This topic has 158 views but only 21 voters. Why don’t people vote more? :confused: :man_shrugging:

They just look at topic and leave.

I have not voted because I don’t know exactly what each of the berries above is for, their function

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Bulk and weaper give more xp and stardust.

Thanks, my votes are similar to others :grinning:

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Vote now so that I can email this to Niantic for them to see what we want!

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To all of you who viewed this poll but didn’t vote: What are you waiting for?! Don’t make me send Team Rocket to get you!


Haha haha you look awesome in that photo!


Hey, @Branebs, we are in that photo together! :grin:


Yes! I wrote a post about Jessie.

258 views, only 22 voters. Who views the poll, but doesn’t vote? We need your opinion. I want to inform Niantic about this, but the number of voters is ridiculous. Let’s get to 50, shall we?

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My answer and make poll has thousands of views but only 60 poll voters

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At least it’s more than 22.