Anyone Know How to Contact Niantic?

If you know how to contact them about a update tell me. I want to contact them about international trading.

You can find there mail on support site

They have people that monitor their twitter account. Yep have received responses from them in the past.

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They have this… but forget on getting a straight answer. Tryed to contact them, since there´s a gym nearby that got a wrong name on the latest updated location, the answer was the same they give to everyone: “Find some ingress players in your region and ask them to change the name and the picture of the gym.”

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Thanks, ill try. Thanks guys! @KingQ07 and @Thorend :grin:

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Not everyone has twitter


True, he is just saying if you have then you could do it that way.

Twitter is the only form of social media that Niantic has dedicated stated monitor and respond. Email is hit and miss, often you won’t hear anything and you can’t be sure if it was read or not. No guarantee on Twitter to get a reply but someone will most assuredly read the tweet.


I want to contact Niantic about Lucky Raid Passes, but I don’t have Twitter account.


Thanks, I’ll try. But I think Twitter would be a better option.


If you don’t have Twitter, here’s the steps I used (it worked)

  1. Click on @songohan s link.
  2. Scroll down to "contact us about something else
  3. Select what works best of the category (@branebs you would select raids and gym battles)
  4. Then write to them.

Thanks @songohan

Even ingress sided things won’t work. From all of my edits to portals/stops have not been replied yet for confirmation nor have I seen difference in points

Sadly enough not everyone has access to Twitter, because of the age limit(16+?) Niantic should make something like a problem report on there website

No it works for people under 13. I tried it quite some time ago. @KingQ07

Oh really didnt know that
But still there is a masove plsyerbase of people under 13

Ya… Niantic is awful for making everyone hypes for friends then making it 13+

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I just made a google with older age but ot going to make twitter, gmail has no actual 18+ content twitter can(? i actually dont even know how twitter works)

I don’t know I just entered my gmail and pressed sign up :joy: It was because I wanted to reply to Pokemon GO Hub.

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