Go Battle - Bots/lag switchers/double charged attacks

Today was probably hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had in gbl.

Just 0 fun to be had.

I’ve stopped playing GBL for like two years now, and still don’t miss it.

Yeah, it’s really really bad if you want to play competitively.

I’ve gotten to the point as of yesterday basically where I don’t have to participate in Great League which is where you see gigantic amount of problems.

Primarily play Ultra and Master now.

Have Poliwrath/Tapu Fini/Sand Slash and Gliscor/Jellecent/Poliwrath for Ultra League.

Dialga Origin/Shadow Mewtwo/Zygarde Complete for Master League.

Those comps are maxed out and all have coverage charged attacks.

Usually that’s good enough to make progress and have fun but getting to the point where I don’t have to participate in Great League for the bonus took a long time.

I empathize with new players or people dipping their toes into GBL because great league is an absolute shit show.

I go already at PvP but I really dislike it. I tank a heap of rounds mostly and move a level or two just so I get the end of season bonus.
Trying for rewards has zero interest for me.
Fixing these cheating issues wouldn’t change my personal view of PvP.

I mean idk how much longer I’ll play this game.

It’s pretty evident that the company only cares about making money by pushing pay to play and gives 0 shits about actual game play.

I have 0 respect for tournament level play just due to the fact that I know it’s basically a game of who’s the best at not getting caught cheating.

It’s not really skill based or knowledge based at upper echelon pvp.

When I play lineups I should literally counter and get one charged attack off to their 4 because they are abusing the glitch of logging in to multiple devices which has been around for years now and hasn’t been fixed that says a lot.

Just go look at the different lineup favored at different brackets.

The most popular one for botting is Hypno or Greninja.

You can almost be 100% certain it’s a bot if you see one of those Pokemon in the lineup.

Was running Registeel/Poliwrath/Gligar and I swapped to Poliwrath vs Gligar and Gligar promptly did 4 aerial aces in a row after charging one.

Only thing I could do was laugh.

The cheating in this game is on another level.

I’m gonna start recording master league game play now just to show you the new shenanigans that are going on.

I’ll be so far ahead and it’s all but a complete win and some how the game just completely locks, up lags out, and I go back in with time to spair and the match can’t be recovered and is a loss.

This has happened about a half dozen times the last two days.

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This company does a banwave and the game is fun to play for one day.

Literally the next day everyone is botting again because they give 0 shits about the slap on the wrist penalties they handout.

They need to hand out perma bans!!!

I gained over 300 cr the day that the banwave hits and now it’s not even worth playing because I’m just slowly losing Cr to botting and people abusing the normal things they always abuse.

It’s fun when I have Dialga Origin out vs Dialga Origin both with iron head and Roar Of Time and somehow the opponent charges up Roar Of Time before I can even use Iron Head.

Or watching Shadow Mewtwo charge up psystrike and use it to only immediately follow it with shadow ball or back to back psystrike.

Good times

Yeah literally unplayable again.

Just had Shadow Mewtwo charge one psystrike and do two more back to back.

They bring a yveltal charge one Dark Pulse use it to finish of zygarde so I bring out Dialga Origin and they immediately do focus blast one shot Dialga.

I bring out Dawn Wings and they immediately do another Dark Pulse one shotting Dawn Wings.

They need to fix their game!!

2/3 games today Mewtwo charged one psystrike and does two back to back.

Another one I swap to Dialga to tank a dark pulse and had Moongeist Beam charged and ready.

Only to have them do two back to back dark pulses off after charging one.

Not only that I’m spamming Moongeist Beam which is already charged and it’s lighting up like I’m clicking 3 plus times and doesn’t go off

I have video of this previously happening in this thread already.

This game is literally a hot :fire: pile of donkey shit when it comes to GBL.

One ban wave and a day later it’s like nothing changed.

I have never played a game where there is so much abuse and cheating on such a consistent basis that goes unchecked.