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Im going to be honest i miss the old pogo before the raids and the current tracker. I thought niantic would make legendaries super hard and challenging instead every new low leveled player has multiple legendaries. They took the mystery from the game

That’s Ex raids.

The part of a game like this is to make it reasonably fair for every player, hence the raid system. A lot of people (especially where I live) don’t even Raid and purely catch Mons. What Niantic should do to ensure this game is fair enough for everyone is Do a Pokestop distribution randomiser And add some slightly different alternative to catch a MewTwo. Maybe spawn in the wild like we all thought they would do it? That way, it still satisfies people like you who want a harder game but allows anyone to get one (in theory). The current EX System is rubbish and if you look at the feedback Niantic have been getting, even people WITH a MewTwo hate it. Why? It’s too exclusive and actually is demotivating to a lot of players. Since the introduction of the EX System i’ve Been raising less because it’s pure luck. Sorry for the rant

Yep Ex raids system should be removed.

It appears if you check the main Hub, our prayers have been answered

Guys, look what i found: Gen 3 in GAME_MASTER code HYPE

wow nobody cares about important news…

I cared😁

Thanks…, sorry

I just wait for the release of whats new and play. I don’t need to know what’s coming so no, I don’t really care. Sorry.

Whoa whoa it is a great decision to avoid expressing my point of view about the article of Ex raids. Too much bickering…:wink:

In additional, RexPartysaurus comment on it. So we know what it means. To wise man @JoshHack and @bagguille

Let’s not go there again

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:+1: @JoshHack

If you ask me which kind of people I want them to suck up, my answer is egomaniacs, “peanut friends”, stalkers and critics. Do you agree?

Sorry for my attitude.:expressionless:

(Optional): SMO will launch tmr!

You are so happy with that

However I can only watch gameplay videos.

RexPartysaurus: Some serious use of logical fallacies in the response given by Elyland, a cursory glance at screenshots and videos of the game shows some pretty significant similarities. Between the two games some of which they aren’t/weren’t even trying to make or be different. Acknowledging Niantic’s “billions of income” one may want to consider a slightly more tactful response as this is likely only going to provoke a full fledged lawsuit, and being that you have millions of downloads and paying customers, vs “almost” 100k (probably not) paying customers, who do you think is better situated to outlast an expensive legal battle? The audacity and indignation by people who are clearly in the wrong these days is nauseating.