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Hey everyone! Babbel chat has been enabled! :smile:



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How’s the event going, any good catches?

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It has been great so far!

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Hi everyone! I’m about to head out for a hunt!

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Good luck! :wink:

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You too! I hope I can finish my Tyranitar ^^

I would compare this event to last year’s Halloween event. That was the last time I felt like it was an event for real. What are your thoughts?

Can’t really agree so far, been out last night for a few hours only, gotta go explore a bit more !

Hey guys there are no onix spawning fore at all! Is it just me??

I caught 2 last night! I’m sure one will spawn close to you sometime during the event


I caught lots geodude today which is awesome

I have had so many onix today!!!

Still no major catches on my end, but I’m at work at the moment, so not expecting much… although I do want to farm a good Steelix!

Slugma > Geodude > Omanyte > Rhyhorn > Kabuto > Suduwoodoo > Onix > Aerodactyl > Larvitar, that’s how the amount of spawns are distributed for me. (after 5h gameplay)

Interesting, Slugma is trash though

So far so good. Lot’s of Slugma. And i got some new ones like Larvitar, Maccargo, Shuckle. Mesa happy.

Slugma is really trash, “hard” to catch too & Magcargo has little to no potential. But i’m not complaining. Stacking on stardust & candies