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Article: Yoshi & Din's ideas to improve Pokemon GO (Part 3: Cooperative features)

After 4 months apart from writting ‘Part 2’, I am here to finish ‘Part 3’ right now. First of all, I’ve to say that @Dinsara92 may not be a partner for me anymore. She’s not an active member in the forum these days. Therefore, I would like to invite somebody who are great in the category of creativity, love writing articles and hope to improve/reform Pokemon GO to join the partnership with me. We (hardcore players) always want to give Pokemon GO a hand for the brightful future of Pokemon GO. If anyone wants to join the partnership, please leave a like and comment down below to show your willingness.


To start things off, I would list out the table of content.

  1. Pokemon League
  2. Guilds
  3. Gym/Raid leader
  4. Tapping gym badges to put/recover your Pokemon in the gym

As you can see, these are all cooperative features that requires a harmonious Pokemon GO community to maintain the whole thing. These systems/features will enhance communication and help building a more substantial Pokemon GO community. Hopefully you’ll be satisfied by the list of ideas.


In response to @beales.com question, it’s time to further explain the ideas I introduced in the past. I would like to thank for @bagguille & @Pokemon’s support for this article and my ideas. Well, given that Niantic has removed the quests code not a long time ago, I would also mention about some of my ideas and thoughts towards the quest system.


Pokemon League is a tournament & PvP based system. It allows you to battle with each other within your group. Guilds, unlike teams, they are formed by the local communities. They will work like a rewarding system by upgrading the guilds’ reputation. For gym/Raid leaders, they’re not democratically elected. The selecting method will be introduced soon. Last but not least, tapping gym badges to put/recover your Pokemon in the gym is not a massive feature, but it’ll bring more convenience to you and it’s much more reasonable than the current method.

Pokemon League

First of all, let’s talk about the major details of Pokemon League. Pokemon League will be on a season basis, which means it will be held once per season/quarter. In order to ensure the participants are available for joining it, the tournaments week will be mainly held during holidays such as Easter, summer vacation, Christmas.
There’re some basic requirements for participating in the Pokemon League. They’ll be listed right below.

  1. The number of days playing Pokemon GO within the season should be over 30 days (~1/3 days)
  2. Participants should have done at least 5 raids beforehand
  3. The pokedex entry must have got over 150 Pokemon
  4. Participants must have got at least 1 Pokemon which has a CP over 2500
  5. The trainer level must be 20 or above

After meeting the basic requirements, you may obtain the Pokemon League ticket to participate in it. For the grouping, each group will have got 20 players. The competitors are all come from your local community. The League will be further divided into 3 main stages (Bronze, Silver & Golden). The 3 stages are classified by your trainer level.

Bronze: 20-30 TL
Silver: 31-35 TL
Golden: 36-40 TL

By this method, the fairness of participating in the Pokemon League will not bother participants anymore.
In each stages, they will be rewarded differently. Bronze League will reward you with the least and poorest stuffs and Golden League will reward you with the most and best stuffs. The reward will be given to the best 10 trainers in each group and according to the ranking. The score will be counted in the criteria of raids, Pokemon captures, PvP. Scoring points table as below.

Successful raids: 5 , with successful captures: 10 Failure: -10
Each Pokemon capture: 0.2 , unsuccessful capture: -0.2
Winning in PvP: 2 , Losing in PvP: -2

It might be a way to release part of the Mythical Pokemon, more outfits and render you with more useful items like golden rare candy (equals 5 Rare candy), charged TMs and so on. It will also bring more alternatives to Pokemon GO.


‘Guilds’ is a new term to Pokemon GO. However, it has make a doubt in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. In the series, Wigglytuff is a guildmaster. I’ll introduce the idea of ‘guildmaster’ into the guild feature as well.

As mentioned in the introduction, guilds will be formed by local communities so that the members of the guilds are someone you know or tangible. The chat group features will be available for guilds. Furthermore, the application for guilds are simple. You just need to enter the guild’s name and the guild’s code to join the guild. The guild’s maximum amount of member is 50 and it will be shown when you apply for a guild. The guild botton is above the item bag button.

The guild level will be considered as ‘reputation’. The reputation level can go up to 20. The higher of your reputation level, the more bonus items you can obtain from raids, Pokemon League, PvP etc. Whenever the guild level is upgraded, Pokemon/items/outfits will be rewarded in return. Most importantly, a better guild is more likely to be successful in requesting local events and the members are much easier to receive an Ex raid pass.


Guilds will be the most cooperative features in the future. It will be a rewarding system that maintains the Pokemon GO community simultaneously. Surely trainers will enjoy the benefits bring out by guilds.

Gym/ Raid Leader

Apparently, this is a feature directly benefits your team. Let’s talk about gym leader first. Gym leader is the first person who put his/her Pokemon into the gym. This guy is always the most disadvantaged one among the 6 of them who put their Pokemon into the gym. Hence, this feature will help them out.

The gym leader will have a chance to switch his/her Pokemon place order with another trainer. The leader’s Pokemon CP will be twice of its original CP. In addition, the gym leader will have the authority to replace the Pokemon he/she put into the gym with his/her defeated Pokemon for a chance.

On the other hand, raid leader is the person on behalf of the team when you’re doing raids in a private group. To become the raid leader, you had to be the person who operate the group. Raid leader’s damage on the raid bosses are doubled and he/she is rendered with more Pokeballs for capturing raid bosses. However, if the leader losses all of his/her Pokemon, the whole team will be considered as defeated. You should think carefully whether or not being the leader.


The leaders who are always under disadvantaged circumstances will enjoy the benefits of this feature. After all, everyone are equal and it’ll be fair game.

Tapping gym badges to put/recover your Pokemon in the gym

As you know, you’re not able to put your Pokemon into the gym if you’re far away from the gym. In fact, this feature will benefit you in the same way. If you get a golden gym badge with you, you may put you Pokemon into the related gym once there’re spaces left. Of course, if the gym isn’t fully up with 6 Pokemon, you will receive the notification which tells you the situation of that gym. You’ll have more incentive to collect golden gym badges.

That’s not all to the feature. You are able to recover your Pokemon at any time if you have the golden badge. Sometimes you’ll find the GPS in Pokemon GO inaccurate. However, with this feature, this frustrating GPS will not bother you anyone. This is a great addition for all the dedicated gym attackers/defenders.

Before I end the article, I would like to share my ideas and thoughts towards the quest system. Once again, congratulations to you all who’ve been showing your expectations to the quest system. The quest system is now on the horizon and will be coming very soon.

In my honest thoughts, I think some of the quests will link up with the current available medals. (For example, normal raid medal & legendary raid medal) Therefore, it’s the high time to complete you medal collection.

I would suggest the region exclusive/local events to quests. Quests should also be a thing for these kind of events which may leave your ‘awesome moments’ with these kind of ‘souvenirs’. After the trip, you will think completing quests will have stored your best memories in it and your hard work. Your trip will be more challenging at the same time.


All of my ideas may not come true without your support. If you like my ideas, please share them to your local community to join forces and tell them to Niantic. Hopefully all of them will be implemented into Pokemon GO and you will be able to enjoy Pokemon with these systems/features.

(The end of Part 3)

Note: you may comment on my ideas and supplement my ideas with your own ideas.


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For anyone who are interested in my article, you may check out the previous 2 parts of the article.



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It’s time to ask for @Elevatorisbest’s help. If it’s not him, the ideas in part 1 & 2 may not come true. You know, Niantic is the greatest stalker in the Pokemon GO community, which means they are kind of going through the ideas without notifying us.
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What can i help?

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I minimally had to edit your article to make Niantic happy to read. I had to remove quest code section, so Niantic won’t be angry on you @Yoshi ok?

Sent. Credits added.

Thanks for your help. Yeah the 1st para can be removed and the removal of quest code shouldn’t be included in the article when you send it to Niantic.
Actually I notice that my article didn’t mention how to raise the guild reputation level. It is based on amount of trainers in the guild, performance in Pokemon League, PvP and raids. Would you mind resending it to make the article more detailed?