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Article: Yoshi & Din's ideas to improve Pokemon GO (Part 3: Cooperative features)

sorry, i think one you send something from Gmail, you can only “permanently hide” it, so Niantic would think it’s spam.

WOW Niantic responded to it, let me read it, bet it’s AI response tho
After reading edit: classical thanks for feedback, but its actually real human

They don’t even have “Received” tag…

Hmm… In order to make sure Niantic has acknowledged the articles, I think we should post them on Twitter and Discord as well. (Maybe only For the link)

On twitter our post would instantly get flooded with thousands of other random posts, and discord, idk if it would work
btw can i PM you Niantic’s response if you want?

Show me the screenshot if it’s possible. If the above ways don’t work at all, the last move is to tell the Pokemon GO Youtubers about the articles. (Like how Niantic acknowledge the existence of Draconious GO)

Ok, and about your suggestion, maybe let’s begin with some smaller youtubers

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Here are some ideas to improve Pokemon Go.

Improving Shiny Pokemon.
I think it would be cool if Niantic added for example one shiny per week. This would keep people hyped about what the next week’s shiny would be. I can’t remember where I saw this, but it’s a perfect idea. A shiny tab in the Pokedex. Maybe in the top right a button that changes to a shiny Pokedex. Only shiny Pokemon you have seen or caught would appear - it could be like a seperate Pokedex for shinies. Shiny Pokemon should also be more common in their respective weather(s).

Improving Gym Battles.
At 23:59 each night all gyms are reset to their neutral state. This means people can get their coins without having Pokemon stuck in gyms. Right now there is the problem that if you put your favourite or strongest Pokemon in a gym and then if you go to battle another gym or raid battle then your Pokemon is unavailable. This is why I think a button that allows you to take your Pokemon back from your gym is a good idea. This button could let you get your coins quicker as well. Alternatively to all gyms being reset at 23:59, maybe motivation should take down a gym. When motivation is low, maybe the Pokemon should be released from the gym about 30 mins to an hour after that.

Improving Raid Battles.
There are three main variables that go into raids. One is the number of players, one is the cp of the raid boss and the third is the timer. If the cp is low, and the number of players is low, then the boss is defeatable. It’s the same if the cp and player count are both high. However if the number of available players in your village/town/city is low, then you are restricted to low cp pokemon to raid. Maybe a better idea would be to increase the timer on lower players count for higher cp boss battles. To the extent where it’s beatable, but challenging enough. It should also be time consuming enough to be better in groups. It would also be nice to see all the old legendaries return at some point, because not all of our groups coordinated well at the start and some of our groups have become strong enough now to defeat what we couldn’t before.

Improving capturing Pokemon.
It would be nice to see new berries and pokeball types added to the game. Some cool examples would include the dusk ball, which gives a better chance of catching a Pokemon than even an Ultra Ball when used at night. It would be cool to see the quick ball, which catches Pokemon better on the first throw. We could see a berry for double Stardust or XP. We could maybe even see the master ball at some point.

Improving access to rural players/players that don’t have any Pokestops or Gyms near them.
It would probably be a good idea to add a spawn point worldwide per S2 cell of some kind. It would have to be relatively small. This could be a good way to allow everyone to catch Pokemon. On a 7 day streak Pokemon catch and/or Pokestop, you obtain an item which allows you to request a Pokestop or Gym. This would be a good way to allow rural players an oppertunity to get Pokestops in their towns, because the current way through ingress is somewhat counter-intuitive because in Ingress to level up you need to have portals, which the most desparate of Pokemon Go players have none of. Having a new way to get Pokestops and Gyms would also be a nice way to add local landmarks that haven’t already been added.

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Your second idea sounds great, but I actually prefer 50 coins per day.