Article: Yoshi and DIN's ideas to improve Pokemon GO (Part 1)

Prior statement: it may contain a number of controversial proposals, please do not discredit me and my point of view.

Now let’s get started!

Taking advantage of the launch of gen 3, I will explain the system and features which Pokemon GO can introduce, aims to help the long-term development of Pokemon GO.

New types of evolution

In the main series of Pokemon game, types of evolution can be broadly divided into five kinds: evolution by level-up, evolution items, evolution by learning movesets, friendship, trading evolution. At present, Pokemon GO has only introduced two kind of evolutions, the rest remains to be launched. Therefore, I’m here to share my ideas in order to help the launch of the remaining types of evolution.

1. Evolution by learning movesets:
Some Pokemon are required to learn specific moveset for evolution. Do you remember TM? Under such circumstances, we need to use TM to swap for specific moveset. This gives TM a alternative use. You don’t need to abandon it off.

2. Friendship:*
Happiness is the indicator to measure the friendship between trainer and Pokemon . When the Baby Pokemon achieve sufficient ‘happiness’, it can evolve. In Pokemon GO, we have a buddy system, so that baby Pokemon can become our bubby through this system. When they have been walking for some distance, it will meet the requirement of evolution so as to evolute baby Pokemon. The difficulty will be greatly enhanced.

3. Trading evolution:
Obviously, some Pokemon need to be traded for evolution. But this type of evolution is based on trading system, so there are prerequisites for trading evolution. The speculation of whether it will be introduced remains uncertain.

Limitations on evolutions

On the secondary side of evolution, there are limitations on evolution. The limitations are mainly in the form of time, gender, location. As an example, only female snorunt can evolve into Froslass. Given that the genders of Pokemon, time detecting functionality are introduced into Pokemon GO, it is also an desirable idea.

First of all, Pokemon GO has already divided the time into 2 time zones - daytime and nighttime. As for Pokemon which depends on time to evolute, it’s clearly referring to time zones.

Limitation on Gender is significantly can be implemented into Pokemon GO. It’s only left for the ratio of evolution.

Last but not least, location is a limitation on evolution as well. But how can Niantic cope with the issue of it? How can ‘Upgrade within a specific magnetic field’ be defined?

To sum up, adding the limitations of time and gender are realistic. However, ‘evolution in specific location’ is not likely to be released at any time.


Note: The ideas are extracted from this website.


Supplement: The following Pokemon are involved into these evolutions or limitations originally.

424. Ambipom (Double Hit)
185. Sudowoodo (Mimic)
700. Sylveon (Any Fairy-type move)
463. Lickilicky (Rollout)
122. Mr. Mime (Mimic)
473. Mamoswine (Ancient Power)
763. Tsareena (Stomp)
465. Tangrowth (Ancient Power)
469. Yanmega (Ancient Power)

Baby Pokemon (except Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, Wynaut, Bonsly, Mime Jr, Happiny, Mantyke)
53. Persian (Alolan)
169. Crobat
242. Blissey
428. Lopunny
528. Swoobat
542. Leavanny
700. Sylveon
773. Silvally

65. Alakazam
68. Machamp
76. Golem
94. Gengar
186. Politoed
199. Slowing
208. Steelix
212. Scizor
230. Kingdra
233. Porygon2
367. Huntail
368. Gorebyss
464. Rhyperior
466. Electivire
467. Magmortar
474. Porygon-Z
477. Dusknoir
526. Gigalith
534. Conkeldurr
589. Escavalier
617. Accelgor
683. Aromatisse
685. Slurpuff
709. Trevenant
711. Gourgeist
*350. Milotic (Prism Scale)

315. Roselia
754. Lurantis
113. Chaney
448. Lucario
697. Tyrantrum
735. Gumshoos
699. Aurorus
358. Chimecho
105. Marowak (Alolan)
472. Gliscor
20. Raticate (Alolan)
461. Weavile

*745. Lycanroc

413. Wormadam (Female)
414. Mothim (Male)
416. Vespiquen (Female)
475. Gallade (Male)
758. Salazzle (Female)
478. Froslass (Female)

462. Magnezone
470. Leafeon
471. Glaceon
476. Probopass
738. Vikavolt
740. Crabominable


Buddy distance is now a core Pokemon property
As the game evolves further, so do the Pokemon evolution requirements and conditions. A new property has been added on the Pokemon code definitions, dubbed KmBuddyDistanceRequirement
This was already in effect for Espeon and Umbreon evolution lines, but it’s support has been extended to all Pokemon species. We speculate that Gen III will have a few new species that require Buddy distance in order to evolve.
.get_KmBuddyDistanceRequirement .set_KmBuddyDistanceRequirement .KmBuddyDistanceRequirementFieldNumber .kmBuddyDistanceRequirement_ .KmBuddyDistanceRequirement
(Quoted from the article)

Yay my 2nd viewpoint of evolution - (friendship) is adopted by Niantic!

Friendship: think about feebas