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Article: Yoshi and Din's Ideas to Improve Pokemon GO (Part 2)

With Generation 3 Pokemon on the horizon, we are taking this opportunity to talk about some improvements of old system to spice up and eventually make Pokemon GO the game it was meant to be!

Pokeballs in Pokemon GO

Pokeballs are super important and we’ve been using the same types since launch. We had Pokeball, Great Ball and Ultra Ball for daily gameplay and we just got Premier Ball back in June but its a raid specific ball and its basically just the normal Pokeball but prettier. There was a lot of Pokeball types in the original games so we took the idea and basically modified its use for this game. It would be very interesting to see some new types of Pokeball in Pokemon GO and here is some of them:

Heavy Ball

Heavy ball’s function is as its name suggest. This pokeball should have a higher catch rate if it is used against any heavy Pokemon (100kg and above). For Pokemon GO, we suggest that the catch-rate multiplier is x2.5 which is higher than an Ultra Ball which has a x2.0 multiplier. If this Pokeball is used on a lighter Pokemon, its multiplier will only be x1.0. We should be able to get this ball by spinning the Pokestop and the Gym Photo Disc. This pokeball is going to be especially useful once we encounter Snorlax or even Wailord when Gen 3 comes out. Plus, we can finally pay attention to the ‘Weight’ section of our Pokedex.

Net Ball

Net Ball’s functionality will be the same as the Original games where it can increase the catch rate for Water and Bug Type Pokemon. The catch-rate of this Pokeball, if used on a Water or Bug Type, will be x2.0 and it will be just x1.0 if used on other Pokemon Type. Obtainable at Pokestop and Gym.

Dusk ball

Dusk Ball would increase its catch rate at night time (in game) from x1.0 during the day (in game) to x2.0 during night time. Niantic could also make this a bit more interesting if they set it to make this ball only achievable during night time only. Also, they can make it that this Pokeball would also increase the catch-rate for all Ghost and Dark Type Pokemon!

That is some of the example of the new type of Pokeball that Niantic can add into Pokemon GO and spice things up a little bit. While the game as a whole is getting stale, the new system, the Raid system is also getting pretty stale so we would suggest that Niantic add some other type of Pokeballs in the raid system.

Timer Ball

Timer Ball in Pokemon GO would be different from the OG games. This ball, will take consideration of the raid time remaining as we finished fighting the raid boss. The shorter the time used in battle, the more powerful this ball will be. Here is how it should work

-75% and above of time remaining will make the catch-rate of the Timer Ball x2.5

-50% to 74% of time left will make its catch-rate go down to x2.0

-25% to 49% of time left decreases the catch-rate to x1.5

-1% to 24% of the raid time left will leave its catch-rate at x1.0

How to obtain it? This ball should be included as the Balls rewarded after beating the raid boss. The number would be completely random and getting the Timer Ball will be quite rare. Now, you can choose between Premier Ball or Timer Ball by clicking the icon on the bottom right corner of the catch sequence. Also, we can’t keep this ball just like how we can’t keep the Premier Ball after we catch the raid boss.

Master Ball

We saved the best for last but this one is really not a surprise as the code and even the image asset of the Master Ball has been in the game for so long. As you would know, Master Ball has 100% catch-rate and will catch any Pokemon it touches. The thing is, we think this Ball belongs in the Raid system. It would be special that even if we don’t use it to catch the raid boss, we can still keep it for future use. We can only have 1 Master Ball at a time and we should be able get multiple as long as we used the last one that we got. Master Ball would be super rare and getting one will be a big deal.

We choose these specific Pokeballs for a specific reason and we would like to highlight it.

-The inclusion of Heavy Ball will make us focus on the Pokemon’s physical characteristic
-The Net ball will focus on the Pokemon’s type. This pokeball should be a precursor to other type-specific Pokeballs in the future. Manbe one day, Niantic is allowed to create their own Pokeball (not based on the OG Games) just for this reason.
-Dusk Ball will make us focus on the time in Pokemon GO. Imagine a Pokeball that would be affected by the weather! To have that, having this type of Pokeball first would lay the groundwork

Bag space Concerns

With the additions of these items, the biggest setbacks that came to our mind is our bag space limitation. While writing this, the limit is still at 1500 spaces for items. This really concern us because the sheer impact it would make to our gameplay experience. For that reason, we came up with some simple solutions.

-Niantic can increase the current bag space limit. The number should be infinity. As long as you have the money, you will be able to buy more space.

-Niantic can introduce new method of storing items like Boxes from the original games.

-We can delete some of the less useful items. Dump excess berries into a gym, limit the potion and revive we keep, use the rare candies we have on our Pokemon and etc.

Pokeballs are sure to be very useful but it would be useless if there is no Pokemon spawn. There are Pokemon spawn points all around the world and that is where we will find Pokemon to catch. In Pokemon GO, Pokemon spawn depends on its rarity and Biome. Pokemon like Pidgey, Ratata , Sentret and a few others are common Pokemon that spawns everywhere. While other Pokemon spawns more in their native biome for example, Pokemon like Bellsprout, Oddish and Sunkern spawn more in a Grass Biome because they are Grass Type. There are several types of Biome. Other then the Grass Biome, there is also the Desert Biome (spawn more Rock, Ground types Pokemon) and the Water Biome (spawn more Water type).

Spawns adjustment

We asked ourself, what if there is more things that can effect Pokemon spawn? That was the question that got us into this whole idea. In our opinion, other than rarity and Biome, Pokemon spawn should be affected by the real world and I believe Niantic has been aiming for this since the beginning. Here are the three factors that should influence Pokemon spawn in Pokemon GO


We’ve seen some evidence that Niantic is working to incorporate weather into Pokemon GO, so we came up with the list of what Pokemon type that would spawn more frequently during the weather occurrence.

-Rain: Water type ( Spawn would turn into a Water Biome which spawn more Magikarp, Tentacool and etc)

-Thunderstorm: Electric + Water type ( Spawn more Electric Pokemon like Magnemite and Voltorb with Water types spawns as well)

-Sunny: Fire type (still normal Biome spawn but with a little bit more Fire Type spawn)

-Snow: Ice type

Originally we had a lot more weather condition but we concluded that, if Niantic is going to ever incorporate weather into Pokemon GO, these four weather is the perfect one to start with. As how Niantic would do it? We don’t have any idea but our guess is that they should collaborate with AccuWeather or any other weather site to really make this a reality.

Biome will be temporarily affected by the weather but the Pokemon type spawning would still be influenced by it.


Having Pokemon spawning based on landscape would increase the much needed depth of this game. Plus, it would make spawns so much more interesting! Here are some of the possible Pokemon Type that may spawn a lot more frequently in their respective landscape.

-City: Steel + Electric type

-Rural/ Open Field: Grass + Bug type

-Icy region, poles: Ice type

-Hilltop and mountain: Rock type

-Rainforest: Grass + Poison + Water type

-Desert: Ground type

-Volcano: Fire + Rock type

-Lake, Sea and Pacific isle: Water type

-Canyon: Rock + Ground type

With the latest map update that now fully intergrates Open Street Map, this idea is one step closer of being a reality.

Through out this article, I’ve mentioned ‘depth’ a couple of times and I stand by it. Pokemon GO is lack depth for so many features it currently have. Other than the stale battling system, this game is in serious need to improve on the capturing system too. We’ve talked about how we Niantic can improve Pokemon spawn but at the end of the day, its still the same old ball throwing system to capture those Pokemon. Looking back at the Raid system and the Original Pokemon (OG) games, we came up with an idea!

Pokemon Encounter System

If you never played any of the original games, let us go through the encounter system briefly. In the OG games, our view is limited to only us and our surrounding, no Pokemon whatsoever. To find a Pokemon, we would have to find it near tall grass that we can see on our screen. We will never know what Pokemon that we’ll find when are looking for them near the tall grass until our screen fade to black. Then, we will see what Pokemon that we encounter and we will have to battle the Pokemon. To capture them, we need to beat it until its HP nears zero then throw a Pokeball. We could also just fight it and let it faint and move on. We cannot catch a fainted Pokemon.

But what about in Pokemon GO?

Since Pokemon GO allow us to choose which Pokemon to capture first, this system could not be implemented. The ‘real-worldness’ of this game is important to Niantic and besides, a system change like this can bring up a disaster of epic proportion since so many people would not like the idea to find a Pokemon blindly like in the OG games. However, there is still a way to make implement this idea into this game!

Special Encounter System

How does this work? Since based on the Pokemon lore, Mythical creature like Mew , Celebi, etc are basically “peacful Pokemon”, its odd to see them as a Raid Boss and battle us. I think, this system would be the answer that Niantic has been searching on how to release all these non-battle Pokemon.

This system should work the same as the OG games. Us trainers would receive no warning, no sign of these Pokemon. If we were ever to encounter them, our screen would suddenly turn black and we will be brought to a battle sequence. This battle sequence would be very short and its only objective is to let us have a better chance of catching this Mythical Pokemon. With the introduction of Masterball, we can skip the battle phase and go straight to the capture sequence.

Here is the list of Pokemon that we think should be introduced this way:

Legendaries/Mythical Pokemon:
386. Deoxys
485. Heatran
486. Regigias (available after capturing all legendary titans)
488. Cresselia
491. Darkrai
493. Arceus (available after capturing all creation trio)
638-640,647. Swords of Justice (Keldeo has a lower rate of appearance)
649. Genesect
721. Volcanion

Also could be implemented to fossil Pokemon like Aerodectyl and Relicanth


We know we said ‘no battle Pokemon’ but still, this is a very short battle just to decrease the Mythical Pokemon’s flee rate. Its not like we have to gather at least 10 people to battle a giant version of a supposedly very rare Pokemon. Plus, this can be defined as ‘in the wild’ and everyone who played enough would get the chance to encounter the Pokemon.

We suggest that the rarity of this mini event is high. As high as finding an Unown or getting an evolution item from Pokestop (not including 7th day streak). Niantic can surely increase the encounter rate during events and believe us, this will be the focus of every trainers.

Cons? Other than it being ‘TOO RARE!’, I don’t see many reason to believe it has one.


The Pokemon spawn will add a lot to the game, I believed that the surprise encounter system would be the talk of the community. With implementing other features like the ‘Battle Party’ feature that we have seen in the APK, this system would be pretty much what every trainers dream. What do you guys think? Sound off below! Thank you for reading!

EDIT 1: The reason behind the type of Pokeball choosed


Love most of the ideas you presented. Don’t know that I agree with all The Pokémon on the list but that is just my opinion and not worth nitpicking a very well though out and presented idea.


@Dinsara92 Wow you’ve expend my points thoroughly and to made it a splendid article. You’ve gained my esteem and trust. That’s why you’ve been writing it over a month. Honestly, if Niantic attach importance to our ideas, I’m sure that most of the ideas will be adopted. @Elevatorisbest yeah I think mailing to Niantic is a desirable move.

(Just to be reminded that you may post it in our message first rather than post it on the Forum without double-check.)

Once again, it is my honour to cooperate with you. Please accept my worship.


Incredibly well thought out, well structured article. Good job!

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It’s kinda obvious move. They for sure will not ignore all of those ideas, since it’s huge amount of detail.

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You guys are so nice! :grin::grin:

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I feel that the timer ball could (could, not should) work In the same way as in main games. Quick ball would also be useful. I kind of hope they add all of them…

Timer ball should reward you for taking too long to take the boss down (this would also help those who cant beat them that easily in two minutes)
And Quick ball should simply use the multiplier on the first throw

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How do you do this rating thing?

You guys will never believe in your eyes. WEATHER CONDITIONS FINALLY COMES TRUE!:joy:

@Dinsara92 Niantic has adopted our ideas again!

That’s part of the adjustment on spawns of Pokemon according to landscapes and weather conditions!


i had this idea but this article is all you my man.

lol the best article on the go hub ever :open_mouth:


wow.thanks. it means so much to us. right @Yoshi

Hopefully the game will improve for all

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You can spoof on any phone

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