About the notifications

Apparently the notifications tab has flooded for everyone, even making it possible to see that there have been replies in PM’s you can’t see or own. This seems to be a bug with discourse, whenever the new update rolls out I will contact Zeroghan/Antonio again to update the forums.

Apparently it is also hard to dismiss all of the notifications using the dismiss button.

For now we just have to live with it; let’s hope it gets resolved quickly.


I hope the latest update can possibly be uninstalled.

This topic will be pinned until the notifications work fine again.

Topic is now pinned globally. To unpin, click the “Pinned Globally” button underneath the reply button and select “Unpinned”.

There is a new update to discourse which will be installed soon. Hopefully this contains the fix


The new update will not fix the bug, BUT we have figured out what causes the notification tab to be flooded for everyone.

Moderators cannot fix it though, so we’ll have to wait for an Admin to come online.

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Is it better now?

The notification tab is still flooded. I have searched on Discourse and it appears to be a bug caused by Babble chat being disabled. From what I have read the bug can be fixed by deleting Babble chat, but that seems to mess up the Groups. I do not know how that can be fixed though, since they answered with a bunch of codes that I didn’t understand.

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