(Fix) Notification Tab Flooding


Since the hub started to grow (a couple years ago) posts started flooding in, with the posts came an issue. Everyone is notified for every post, even in topics you’ve never visited. This is annoying for those who have been on a break and have tags (@) to check.

The Fix:

Solution 1:

Turn off notifications to all topics (mute) if you don’t want any notifications until you turn them back on.
Or mute the topics that flood your notifications the most

Solution 2:

We can create a site wide setting to turn off notifications or we can make everyone (who wants to)’s notifications to disappear 🫠

Solution 3:

We turn off the site wide setting to notify everyone

Solution 4 (This one only admins can do):

Remove everyone from all the groups (the automatic 3). If I recall correctly if you are in these groups you get Mass notifications.

Have any suggestions, ask, share or help here!

(This post will be edited overtime)

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This post is for FAQ questions.

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Nice work @Jye! We’ve been looking for a fix for what it feels like forever but haven’t been able to get it done yet. Unfortunately the forum is currently without an Admin but the first three options should be really helpful. Thanks!

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Happy to help! I’m quite good with problem solving, also coding! If you need anyone to help for that, let me know!

Also @Jormdeworm, why don’t we have an admin?

Our original Admin is also the man behind GO Hub, so he doesn’t really have the time to visit the forums. We got another Admin to replace him in the meanwhile but this Admin has not been seen since 2020. Since then we have been without an Admin. :grimacing:

Do you have any contact with any admin(s) past or present? If so, who are they?

@apavlinovic is the only Admin we have anymore. Our Moderator @Brobraam can contact him but we do not want to keep doing that as he’s busy a lot with GO Hub itself and we respect that. We are notifying him every once in a while, though.

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Did Discourse ever issue a fix for this, or simply declare the bug a feature to dodge having to fix it? (It came to mind this week, since I supposedly have another reply or reaction and can’t find it because of the flooded tab…)


Nothing was fixed. We have figured how to fix the issue, but we as Moderators aren’t eligible to do it.

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Oh well. I’ll just try to ignore the distractionl Thanks for the response.

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For me these notifications always go away when I click on my profile. It may also just be a like, though, and no reply.

At this point I’m not even looking at them anymore and have had it stacked to 20 multiple times until I had to open my profile page for some moderation stuff, currently sitting at 8 again and I’m not bothered to look what those could all be since I’ve opened pretty much any thread the past four years I doubt there is a missed reply among them.

Do we have an admin yet? Also, if I can, I’ll dm you in a minute

There is an Admin, however he’s pretty much never online unless we tag him or have @Brobraam reach out to him on Discord.

Username is apavlinovic. You can find his account by going to the menu besides your profile (the three horizontal stripes) and then click “About”.