Your worst Legendary


Wanted to see how unlucky people have gotten with legendary raids. I managed to catch a 2005 CP Rayquaza on Saturday which I found out is the second worst IVs you can possible get. Has anyone had any truly horrible luck with legendaries?


My worst Legendary has got 71%IV


10/10/10 Kyogre


Was wondering if someone had got one. I kinda want a 10/10/10 Rayquaza now just as a collectors item


I got a low CP Rayquaza but I also got 2 Weather boosted ones.


Yes I’ve caught one of the 10/10/10 and 3 of the 2005CP and sent all of them straight to the candy grinder. I’m not interested in collecting lowest possible stats for Legendary.


This is my only Zapdos…


I have caught a couple with 10/10/10 stars but this is my most disappointing.


My worst is none, since I have no legendaries, since Pokémon go is dead in my community, which means I can’t do legendary raids


My worst Legendary was actually the very first Legendary I ever caught
It was 67% Articuno which I think is the Lowest IV you can get on a Legendary


This is the absolute bottom of the barrel for Ray and it’s a gem according to a few people in our raid group. I think I’ll keep it :slight_smile:


my worst legendar- wait, i don’t even have one :cry:


My worse one would probably be a Suicune


I want one hahaha after getting the second worst, I now want it


Have to love the 10/10/10 stats


Mine is cp 2111 Lugia. It’s also my only legendary at all.:frowning:


10/10/10 Mewtwo, but I like it more than my other three bad iv Mewtwo.


10/10/10 Suicune, it’s probably the worst possible legendary.


Well, its still better than a 100% Alakazam :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually fir practictical purposes it is worse than a 100% Alakazam, the IVs drop the attack and defense well below a perfect Alakazam.