Your worst Legendary


Ironically, I evolved an 100% Abra into Alakazam


Honestly im not sure about how long both of them live. But when comparing those 2 against a level 40 blissey and a tier 5 mewtwo, the raw DPS of the 10/10/10 Mewtwo is higher than the 15/15/15 Alakazam.
I could look a bit more accurate into it tonight when i have time, but im pretty sure the Mewtwo will win every fight.
EDIT:!/?defender=MEWTWO&level=T5&attacker=MEWTWO&move=SHADOW_BALL&weatherBoost=false I use this place to calculate it.


I rescind previous statement. Still can’t bring myself to waste stardust on something with garbage IVs though.


Kid´s got a 10/10/10 = IV 67% Lugia. That´s about the worst you can get and it´s his only Lugia :-/

My own worst is a 12/10/12 = IV 76% Groudon. Thank god, I have others.


Don’t cry, I have zero Lugia so your kid is still lucky😅


I’ve got a Groudon at 76% (11/12/11) And also a Rayquaza at 76% (12/10/12).


Not a legendary but close in the usa. I caught a perfect 0/0/0 Farfetch’d. Then i named it 0. I will prob be it’s trainer forever. :slight_smile:


I dont even have Zapdos


they could re release them, especially since they re introduced Lugia, and put most of the gen 1 shiny legendaries in the network traffic. Good luck:crossed_fingers:


Fnally got one


Nice one:+1: