Your Most Favorite Pokemon in your Pokedex


That Pokemon that gives you a smile everytime you encounter. Not even strong but you’re just so happy you have it.


Always :blush:


Sudowoodo is one of my favorites to encounter simply just because of his smile :blush:


That Sudowoodo dance is really funny. I was dissapointed that it is not his regular animation. It does do that when it fights though


I am always happy to see Eevee and I still always smile when I see a Pikachu. I tend to have multiples of those 2 Pokemon :blush:


Favourite Umbreon. Not even close.

Glad to see: Lapras (favourite gen 1) and Sudowoodo (because he’s happy top)


My 100 IV Charizard with good moves … just wish he was more useful :sweat_smile:


I’m partial to my charizard because I had to grind like hell…180kms walked to get the candy

Aerodactyl because it took forever…best hatch ever.

Also like machamp, another one I had to grind in order to get


Must agree with you there. I’m a treehugger at heart and it always makes me happy seeing a happy tree.


Gotta love the Houndours! They’re decently rare where I live and I don’t know why, but I just really love this Pokémon!


gotta be Eevees and evolutions for me!!! DEFINETELY


Definitely Eevee. Eevee and its evolutions are my favorite pokemon in all generations. (followed by Ditto) In fact, my whole core team on Moon is all eeveelutions!


Don’t know why we are so comon in our decision, but Eevee, Sudowoodo and Aerodactyl are as well my favorites…


Well I can tell you that Sudowoodo is one the Pokémon I dislike most!

One of my favorites and maybe my favorit until now is Scyther.


I can’t argue about this with you… the likeness is someyhing so personal, I think there is a player who likes more the HootHoot than any mon else, jiji


Maybe because I hatched it a lot while it’s quite useless. It’s dance is cute though.


Dragonite has always been since my childhood. Although it would have been a common pokemon would still be my favorite.


That’s exactly the point… it’s not important the type, the relative value in raids…
Important is if you like him, if he remembers you of something special in game or in life…


I also LOVE Ninetales! The ice variant is absolutely beautiful as well!


Charizard (my favourite Pokemon0, Lapra/Dragonite because I’ve one of each and Mr. Mime/Kangaskhan.