Your Most Favorite Pokemon in your Pokedex


For sure my Snorlax(s). Always been my favorite Pokemon ever since the early days of the trading card game. Its a bonus that he’s such a beast in this game, so I can put him to good use.


Typhlosion for me. Pity it’s not very useful.
Looks like an Otter and I really like Otters.


My favorite non legendary is Machamp probably because it was my first perfect IV Pokémon and it is now a beast!


I love Porygon, but imagine, now I have 7 Upgrades and no chance to find my first Porygon… :crying_cat_face:


I absolutely love Skiploom’s art, he’s just hovering happily in the air


The 100% IV Moltres I caught last night, for several reasons:

  • I’m Valor, so it’s my mascot.
  • It’s my second useful 100% IV Pokemon (the other is an Espeon).
  • Top 5 attacker of the currently available Pokemon.
  • I mean, come on, look at him!


If you ever visit Nebraska USA I will help you get one, someone in our raid group seems to catch one every day.


:open_mouth: nearly every day… there are little chances for me to go there, but maybe one day will come the Monster-Exchange-Function… and then I can give my Mr.Mime for receiving a Porygon.
Thanks anyway to tell me


I’ll give you 2 and one is cool it has hidden power dark and solarbeam


Ayyyy, the Mr. Mime isn’t good in the Gyms, but at least helps to finish the Pokedex.
Many thanks for the intentions, let’s see if the exchange comes one day—


My favourites are my unowns just because of the sudden realization that I now have multiple of the rarest Pokémon in the game and because of the day I got them in Belfast. It was such a cool day and might be my best ever memory with Pokemon Go. The people I met there, the Pokémon I caught and the raids I did. Sadly, I haven’t caught a legendary yet but I’m still fighting.


Not even Pokémon Go, but it still qualifies


LOL, I just got one of those yesterday! I wish they would let you keep it, though…


Yeah, but what rank are you? I’m rank 87 but I want to know if someone is actually any higher than that.


Wow, rank 87?! I’m only rank 55! I finally saved up enough diamonds for Eevee, though!!! Eevee looks so cute on there, and his skill is awesome!


I’m trying to save up for Gardevoir, but apparently she needs a ridiculous amount of support candy. Not even my 42 will be enough :grinning:


@Elderscroller this is for you​:grinning::+1:t2: