Why do active people stop sending/opening gifts?


i dont get it.
so far i have 8 (eight) friends who are level 40 and who stop sending and stop opening gifts. just 1 day before we would get to hyperfriendship level.
i understand why people with a level below 40 are doing this. for level 40 players theres absolutely no benefit in doing so though.

so why? why are people doing this?


More XP on a single Lucky Egg


Not sure. Im at 37 million and i do it aswell :sweat_smile:
For best friends i usually dont wait to save up a few, but i plan my ultras to go along with the next best friend to get more XP from 1 egg indeed.
I see it as preperation for when they raise the levelcap.


yeah, i know, it majes sense for players below level 40. not for those 8 level 40 players i am complaining about though.
to save up for the next level cap does not make much sense either though. at least not for my friends, as i will simply kick them, if i dont receive any gifts for more than 1 week


as a level 40 player who does this aswell i can asure you xp for many of us is a priority goal now. Because what else is there? For me: i have the highest xp in my Instinct group. So being nr. 1 means i want to stay that way and the fastest xp right now is friendship leveling.

But… just this week we had network issues here where i lost my mobile internet for half a day, the half day i play. I missed an ultra friend level up of a teammate we set an appointment for. He had multiple levelups and would open my gift at 4 PM. He did. But i had no internet from at least 2PM until late in the evening. By 8PM i connected to the hotspot of my GF, logged in and instantly popped a lucky egg… 100k xp!
So if people really want to get their own double xp (and if you have enough lucky eggs) i would suggest just sending a gift before you stop playing, wait several (many) hours, log in, pop an egg and hope they opened.
if it worked, nice, if not then at least you got normal xp. otherwise you’ll get nothing.
The only other option is to wait them out and see who loses their patience first.


well, if this is really a thing for lvl 40 players, then i feel really sorry for u.
collecting XP for nothing and therefore blocking all those who are not lvl 40 yet seems, frankly speaking, like something only a jackass does.
especially since there is no sign at all from Niantic for any level cap increase. for more than 2 years now the level cap is set to 40 and stayed at 40.

well, i cant tell others how to play though. i will however remove anyone who does play like this from my friendlist :slight_smile:
i send gifts on a daily basis and i expect the same from others.


I usually hold off on opening last present before Ultra Friend Status so other person can use Lucky Egg if they want. @5GodLink Today is the day! Open my present whenever you want.


Or maybe, just maybe, they want to have as much XP for when the levels get raised?


This is where you are taking a wrong turn. If you’ve spend all that time opening and sending and just at the last day he wants xp just like you, you just delete him? then nobody gets xp. Serious waste of time and effort then.

Also, what gives you the right to claim the double xp over the other? Just because you’re not TL40? You’re being just as egoistic as you claim we are. Xp is a goal in the game, just as reaching TL40 is. This may not seem trivial to you, but once you’re TL40 i promise you the game instantly get more boring since xp is no longer a goal, hence the new goal, MORE xp.

And to add even more, there Ă­s a sign of a levelcap increase:


i will later today


i dont claim the double reward. never said so…
i however expect daily gifts since i do the same. XP for reaching various goals is just a nice addition.
no gifts, no friendship. quite simple.
sure, it is a waste if i remove a friend with whom i shared gifts for 29 days.
on the other hand though its positive for all other friends of mine or new friends, since it gets easier to send daily gifts with every jackass i remove.


Got it. 100K, would of never noticed if you never told me. I usually just give out without checking the hearts.


to recap:

  • you asked why people stop gifting which is: they want to time the double xp
  • you don’t mean to claim the double xp per se

If i’m correct the solution then is easy; send 1 more gift and be done with them.

I’m not really sure btw if you’re talking about ultra friend levelup (30 days) or best friend (90 days), since you call it hyperfriendship which could mean highest but later you mention 29 days.

I would like to add one last thing: you expect daily gifts in return. I hope you mean every other day and not really every day, because that is useless since you can only get friendship points once per day.
Also, you have to understand some people have many many many friends. I myself have 191. I can’t send gifts to everyone everyday. I don’t spin enough gifts and there’s a daily cap. You have to accept that most players have the same issue. They need to to select at times.
This goes the same for players who complain about others not opening their gifts. The cap just prevents that


Be happy you have the luxury of friendships to level up. Alot of us didnt have that.
Bonus for us was that our accounts were (probably) of higher quality since we got our XP from catching pokemon wich also give stardust besides XP.
Nowadays you can meet level 40 players who barely have a good raid team cause they dont have the stardust for it yet.


I try to check the hearts when I get close with people to give them the opportunity for double XP.


How are they “jackasses”?


He thinks they are as stubborn as donkeys, where in real life, they are probably doing him a favor so he can get double XP.


I’m just guessing it’s possibly to align several Friends and do all under one egg rather than dropping eggs each day. I’ve done that with a Friend and our kids accounts. There’s been discussion between us on what we’re doing not just a sudden no longer sending Gifts.
Is it possible they have no way of contacting you to explain that’s what they are doing?
I can see that a problem with plcking Friends requests off the web. You have no way to co-ordinate the eggs to double up on the XP.


I am one of the highest lvl 40 players in my area. I am also popular for what reasons i have no idea. I have almost maxed out the 200 friends cap. Anyways, i can only open 20 gifts. I can send gifts to everybody which creates a bottleneck. What i been doing is working with our local players. All our lvl 40s first to best friends then 20 ultra friends. Once the first 20 are besties i concentrate on next 20. Remember maximize 1 lucky egg. Its tough to coordinate 20 people to ultra or best friends but can be done.


just last night a teammate screwed up our best friend levelup, by accident sche said :smile: but i believe her.
Good thing she texted me what happened.
I luckily happened to be offline because my GF sprained her ankle at work today so we couldn’t go shiny hunting as usual. I opened game, popped an egg instantly, and got 200k xp…

This is the 2nd time this worked for me. So if i reach near best friend status with random interwebs friends i will use this to avoid frustration of both parties and to make faster room for new friends.