Why do active people stop sending/opening gifts?


I’m not level 40 yet, just about to hit level 31 and wanted to add my two cents. For me, it just gets a bit time consuming and then there’s the limit of opening 20 per day. I aim to send a minimum of 20 friends gifts per day, that’s about all I can do in a reasonable amount of time, especially since gifts don’t drop from the PokéStops as frequently as they used to. So, there are indeed a lot of friends whom get left out on any given day. I do however try to rotate as best as I can. :upside_down_face: Some people get kind of upset, though.


For me, I don’t open gift from someone unless I already have gift ready to return to them. I think that would be fair enough.


It would be very helpful to have a feature that we could use to have the game create a gift from the items in our bag (maybe asking us to confirm using them for the gift), and then letting us send that to a friend. It wouldn’t be us creating a gift, but asking the game to create one for us (so we couldn’t deliberately give bigger gifts to some than others).


That has some merit. I’d pefer the Trainer select the items not the Game.
I’d call it Super Gift and only be allowed 1 per week. Number of items to be capped around 10. I’d exclude things like Rare Candy, Lures, Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces and Incubators. I’d allow TM’s but make them the value of 2 items and only 2 TM’s per Special Gift.


I’d really like to gift my son a bunch of potions.


Returning a gift to a player who you’ve already levelled up with for the day isn’t really a good idea. If you have lots of friends like I do, it is far more efficient and effective to gift to people who haven’t levelled up with you that day and send back a gift the next day for those you have opened from. If they return a gift to you immediately, then I would wait till the following day.

Unless you collect over 100 gifts a day that is.


Good point! and with that I have this question - How Gifting Increases Friendship Level?

IF the answer is ONLY one player needs to OPEN the GIFT and both SENDER and RECEIVER increases their Friendship Level, then I supposed it is right to say that:

  1. One player could be the ONLY ONE to SEND Gift each day and the other will only receive and open it and still both of them will have increasing friendship level.

  2. They could do it ALTERNATELY, and only ONE needed to OPEN each day so as not to waste GIFT, right?


Yep, as long as one opens a gift, friendship level for both goes up as long as it hasn’t already gone up that day.


Thanks for the confirmation!

With that, proper coordination with friends should be done to avoid wasting days and therefore reach BEST Friend level the soonest.


Remember we are about to be ultras


Yep, so who’s gonna pull the trigger? :joy:


Should it be me


2 more days and we both send each others gift waiting to be opened. If I open yours, then we will have 1 last day, then what’s next?

This is the dilemma of not having an in-game chat :grinning:

Any idea where we can communicate realtime?


@HLAJR we just set a time and thats that


My rationale for the created gift not being a distortion of the gifting system (allowing us to control which friends got good gifts and which got crappy gifts) was to let the game choose the items as a tradeoff for letting us override the built-in percentages of spins that generate gifts for us to give. I just want to abort the increasingly frustrating and potentially endless process of finding gifts to give. I’m willing to surrender virtually all of the rest of the choice in exchange for that favor.

If we chose the items, it would serve a different purpose – like a way to send our trash to others. (Who wouldn’t send 20 regular potions and have it count as a gift, when they’d just discard them anyway when they need more space in my bag…)


When new players are starting out and start Raiding those normal Potions that are trash items for seasoned more advance players. But to new players they are a lot more useful. Their Pokémon tend to be weak and under developed or just don’t have the optimal suitable types to take into battle. They tend to use and need a lot more Revives and Potions and often can’t spin enough of them up making them use even more unsuitable Pokémon. Making up Gifts packed with these can valuable for them.