Where is the Game heading after the legendary birds were finished? Suggestion and advice please!


Hello everyone,
So i caught a few Zapdos and it feels like the summer is almost over in peace along with the 4 beautiful birds. Its just like in the movie when Zapdos, Moltres & Articuno shall return to their islands and Lugia may supmerge into the ocean deep again. So raising the question what leaves us now ? Passing by until PVP, gen 3 or more legendaries will come?
What do you think will happen when these 4 birds disappeared? Will there come Ho-oh & other legendaries coming straight away? Will there be another double XP or stardust event ? I feel like Niantic should wrap the summer with another 2 or 3 small events I reckon. From now until the end of September there should be something else!
I think Mew & Mew Two comes during Halloween event would be a master piece. Since they are psychic pokemons, we will use ghost & dark type to counter in raids. The Mew & MewTwo raid bosses & background animations etc should follow through with the Halloween would be awesome. I know its a lot of work but its a great idea in my opinion.
For Ho-oh & 3 legendary beasts & Celebi should be released before gen 3 please! And maybe a little different experience to battle/ capture compare to the birds.
Now moving to my biggest question, what now? Im almost out of premium raid passes? Should I purchase few more discount boxes? I feel guilty i spent already quite a bit simce the legendary event. So what are everyone thoughts on this. What if Ho-oh comes out lets say 2 weeks after Zapdos then what?i doubt the discount boxes would stay that long.
There us also problem with the stardust etc. I wish Niactic will inform us before the summer ends so i know what to do. I just wanna spend all my dust on these legendaries to update my top 12 attackers already! Then i can actually enjoy the meta game & gym battles rather than waiting for Niactic in confusion!
Appologies if there was lots of typing but in general would you share what will happen to the game till the end ofthe year ? At least i feel better cuz im doing with the majority?
Thanks alot !


I think the first thing they will do after the legendary birds is most likely going to be changing the raid bosses. The first tier raid bosses will be changed with the second forms of the kanto starters and with a replacement for magikarp (most likely weak pokemon like shuckle). For the second tier raid bosses they will change weezing to arbok, muk to cloyster (not a very good idea, but it’s the best I can think of), electabuzz will be changed with magneton or raichu and magmar will be changed with rapidash. The best replacement for exeggutor is xatu or slowbro, just because of the shared typing. For the third tier raid bosses they will change the eeveelutions with espeon and umbreon, machamp with poliwrath, arcanine with houndoom, gengar with andother poison type (or another ghost type- but there is only one other pokemon with ghost typing- misdreavus) and alakazam will be changed with slowking (not the best idea in the world XD). For the fourth tier raids the kanto starters will be changed with the jhoto ones, lapras will be changed with ampharos, snorlax with blissey, rhydon with gyarados and tyranitar with dragonite. What do you think of my ideas? Hope you like them! :slight_smile:


Yes highly possible and would be nice to! Thank you for sharing this idea.
Fighting Blissey is awesome, this will be tougher than any Legendary! Which will intrigue me the most.


The best part about this is the chance to catch blissey after it’s been defeated :grin:


The best part will be when they run away :smiley:


If I don’t catch it but everyone around me does, I’m gonna throw my phone in a lake or somthing…


I think they’ll tread water for a little while where nothing super big happens…maybe an event or different raid bosses to keep people’s interest. I think they will release ho oh prior to gen three. I think gen three either comes out in October or November

One thing I noticed in the Pokémon go legendary commercial is they show mew two at the very end…I’m wondering if that means after lugia, the birds and possibly ho oh they will release mew and/or mewtwo


My fear is that if they suspend the legend beasts, then next year there wont be enough room for gen 3 legendaries and as such.
Bcuz Niantic is running behind schedule, I dont mind gen 3 is coming late by the end of this year ! Its so difficult bcuz if Niantic release gen 3 too early, they are way behind in terms of legendary release.
For me its best to release Ho-oh, then Mew& Mewtwo then the 3 beasts by the end of this year. Then each summer will be the release of that gen legendaries. I think from now on 1 gen per year is reasonable if there are more events and contents for us. And PVP is key they need to get that out!


Yeah, Niantic needs to fix their schedule. I mean, we went through all of gen 1 and didn’t get any gen 1 legendaries until now, after gen 2 has been out for months! They just need to release ALL the legendaries of each generation before moving on, so players can get a sense of accomplishment from completing their pokedex in its entirety.


Why do these have to be mutually exclusive? As long as I get all the Pokémon at some point I’m not overly concerned about when it happens.

A super casual player who only played an hour a week might take 2 years to get most of one gen of pokemon, for recreational players like my wife it took her 4 months playing 30-45 mins a day with a couple of longer Pokémon sessions if we did a date night to fill her gen 2 dex.

For me it only took a couple months and now I’m focused on getting higher IV versions and collections stardust.

My personal feeling is the order isn’t as important as doing things to keep players engaged. Be that special events, switching up raids, releasing new legendaries, or adding new in game features it’s all about keeping people interested.

I will admit, I’m super interested in Mewtwo and the Gen 2 dogs, but I’m willing to be patient to get them if I have something to do in the meantime.


Well I agree that the order isnt that important to me but Like @Elderscroller said the sense of accomplishmet is a nice feeling. On top of that, for people like me whenever a new generation comes out, i would like to feel that im getting into a new region, a new league just like in the movies even though I may jist play in same area lol. Missing region exclusives and super rare is okay as they will come in time. But missing too many and keep entering a new region just doesnt feel that way.
On the other hand, everytime new gen comes out the pokemons will be somehow stronger and the legendaries of the previous gen feels a little less powered. I guess they could release gen 3 and gradually releasing gen 2 missing pokemons from now till xmas, they still have plenty of time before next summer.


I have been predicting this for a while now and I am of firm belief that on Monday when the Zapdos era comes to a close, the legendary egg and exclusive raid pass will be introduced into the game. We will revert back to the old raid egg system and have to use a legendary raid pass to do the 5 star raids. This would mean every 5 star egg would hatch one of the 4 birds at random. I can’t imagine them not doing this


This is a good idea but then all the premium raid passes people have bought so far are not for legendaries? I just dont think legendaries passes are that effective anymore. Being in legendary raids are not that easy for everyone. Unless Niantic fix we can see how many people are in the hobby before spending the raid pass and also no more error out & block the player to log in. Right now imagine we get 1 legendary pass a day then a lag comes ! That cannot happen lol


Bro… See the trailer for the Pikachu Outbreak. The Japanese Pokemon GO YT. We gonna get Ho Oh 15th of August. Then Legendary Beast soon to follow or they will spawn all 3 birds again with lugia but this time, with eggs. We will finally see the Black Legendary eggs and we will get our Legendary raid badges


My person ideas are:

First we’ll get the gen 2 legendaries and Ho,oh
Then Gen 3 in Mid/late September
PVP or Trading next in November

That’s my idea for the next few months


Those raids we see in Japan rn, they are gonna replace these old ones.

Lapras - Piloswine
Arcanine- Houndoom
Eggxecutor - Wobbuffet
Tyranitar - Dragonite
And so on…

Really hope they don’t chang Tyranitar coz I want more. Hehe


People are forgetting about shiny pokemon…even legendary shinies…I feel gen 3 will be released this new year and Christmas just like gen 2… pvp will only come after gen 3…mew and mewtwo raids during haloween…ho oh and the three beasts…soon after 15 august and will bring with them new raid bosses which are being tested in japan rightnow to see which new raid bosses are people most interested in…


I think they will focus on the third generation or will start working on the shiny Pokemon and they may try to release some alola forms


I wouldn’t mind waiting for Gen 2 legendaries. I’ve been so focused on the legendary raids that I haven’t even done all the other raids, so I hope they don’t change those just yet (I still need a good Snorlax and Tyranitar). I’m guessing, and hoping, the next thing that will come out is Gen 3 (Personally my favourite generation).


Honestly i feel like its time for Gen3 to arrive…and a new ADDITION to raid bosses will be appreciated than CHANGING them…also its too a good dose of legendary pokemon that the game has received…its time that Niantic sits down and release Gen3 coz we need more pokemon before PvP or Trading for much fun…cant wait for metagross or salamace in the gyms…Gen2 beasts can be released anytime in 2018…generations do not need to sync with their legendary availability coz if thats the case,then after capturing the rest of the legendaries for the next few weeks there will be absolutely nothing new in the game…