Where is the Game heading after the legendary birds were finished? Suggestion and advice please!


Defeating blissey is gonna take atleast 25 player’s…:face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:


This game is in a dangerous territory because it doesn’t know where to go.

Pre-raid days focused on delayed gratification of walking and grinding to power up and eventually have enough candy to evolve. The introduction of rare candies and raids have negated the catching and buddy system.

I think Niantic is hoping that communities develop from raids (as well earn them a lot of money), but eventually you will run out of Pokemon to release.

Ideally I would like them to expand on the sand box, rewards for catching, a social network, and a focus more than raids.


Hi everyone my username is Law2010. I would like to share some thoughts on this topic. Ok what I would like to see next after the legendary’s is PVP and Tournament play. What I mean by Tournament is basically just like in the Pokemon Cartoon we’re Ash earned his 8 Gym Badges then competed in the indigo plateau. Maybe they can do something similar to that both Locally and Globally. Maybe something like if you meet a certain Gym Requirement each week then on each Saturday they could designate some Gyms per City for Tournament play. Then for Global Tournaments it could be like every few Months or so. Now as far as what they will actually do after Zapdos is gone I think the trailers are a good source to look at. Like the last one I saw showed Team Vs Team, Mew2, and that other legendary bird which I am not sure how to pronounce.