When is Gen IV coming? A discussion on Gen 4 Pokémon GO release date


Use this topic to discuss about the gen IV release date. I hope end this year.


My guess is no sooner than Thanksgiving.


Maybe they will have a sensation of summer lag (everybody on holidays) and so they could want to activate the scene.


Anywhere from the Halloween event to the Christmas event


I would say summer.


Hope you guys get some high IV gen IV pkmons


You know what, I’m saying August 26th. Don’t know why, but that’s my guess.


No idea tbh, but we don’t expect it before Q4 2018


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Maybe Niantic will do the same thing as when Gen lll was released. I guess it will come out in December ish…


I won’t be earlier then October, Maybe December


I cannot see it being a full year between release of gen 3 and gen 4 at the current rate that gens have been released. I’m going with the fall equinox in September, or between then and Halloween.


Probably the first will start trickling out around the end of summer (“baby” Pokémon or certain ones, maybe the gen 1-3 evolutions that first showed up in gen 4) with the “full” release in nov./dec.


I reckon will be same as gen 3 ghost types first or dark


I guess Gen 4 will be released earlier.


In time for Halloween event we could get partial release like last year.


As they didn’t finish the release of gen 3 until Several weeks into 2018 I don’t think we see gen 4 until the 4th quarter of the year.


First let the special evolutions released and than we discuss later about gen4 :thinking::unamused:…I think Niantic forgot to release this Pokemons - Nincada, spinda, kecleon, Clampearl, regiforms

and Jirachi, Deoxy no need to talk about this 2 they will not come even after gen4 release :joy:


I think they’re trying to figure out how to implement the nincada evolution line as well as clampeal’s. And kecleon I think they’re just trying to figure out how he’ll function in game


Tbh, I’m thinking Gen IV can come out really soon now.
Before 2019, that’s certain.
This is because they’re working on it, and, now the Weather Report is out, perhaps they have more time to work on it.
And the Weather Report came really fast in the game.

Who knows…
Maybe we can even see Gen IV Rock Types in the Adventure Week (I don’t think so but hey, it can really be if we’re speaking about Niantic)!

But I’ll say we’ll maybe see it in August.