When is Gen IV coming? A discussion on Gen 4 Pokémon GO release date


I still got a lot of Gen 3 left to get. They can take their time. I liked the staggered release of Gen 3 and hope they do that for Gen 4. I don’t want to have to get a bunch of stupid evolution items for Gen 4 though. I’ve been purposely hoarding candy for certain Pokemon and it would suck not to be able to evolve them right away.


My guess is first they will unlock the evolutions first, then the first 40 or so by the end of Q3, and maybe the pseudo legends around thanksgiving/Christmas .


Yeah, I don’t see them doing Gen 4 before the end of summer.


I have the sensation that with every new generation they go slower or more scalar. Maybe they are affraid to get too fast to the end?


Please not, I want to catch them with Lucky Eggs