What's your highest CP Pokémon?


What do the numbers stand for?
Missing IVs?


I’m glad you asked. Yes, it’s missing IVs, first digit is Attack, then Defense, then finally HP, which makes 000 Perfect IVs.


Sad that Groudon is still the best mon, but this is the new squad


Another update at Level 32, just ignore the Salamence with a Greek name and the Gyarados with a Russian name


Whats a Zmei?


If its an inaccurate name i’m sorry for my inability to spell words in another language. To be honest they’re only there because it looks cool to have different names for all my Pokémon .


Nono, Im just starting to learn russian and wasn’t sure what it meant (turns out Im an idiot, because Czech has the word “zmije”, meaning viper, and it does sound pretty much the same)
Hydra is also an awesome nickname, but Im saving it for Hydreigon


Ok, it means lizard in Russian. Not the most original of names, but it looks cool nonetheless😁