What's your highest CP Pokémon?



Came across this gym with a Slaking with over 4250 CP (level 37 trainer)


Someone’s been busy, I used rare candy on mine and even then it ‘only’ got to 3500


Slaking, 4159CP


REAlly though how do you already have a slaking??? they cant be that common


Rare candy, that’s pretty much the only way


Im not using rare candies in gen 3 - I feel it will ruin it a bit. Instead i will use them on the minimal legendaries I have :slight_smile:


I was lucky enough to get a 100iv lv 34 slakoth. Dumped half my rare candies into it immediately.


That’s a solid squad, with some nice typing on those Pokémon. I can imagine they’re very powerful when used together. And a 100% Slaking? Even more impressive…


Yeah the slaking was a good story. I was out with a raiding party. And suddenly all of the chat groups started lighting up with screenshots of the slakoth. So we all book it. About 5 full cars just speeding down the road to get it. It ended up being a huge turn out. 30+ cars when i got there.


I got the same
Stupid system


Awesome did we get the exact same one. I think it was in Camberwell/Hawthorn, VIC, AUS.

Yeah the ex raid system is complete bs. I just got super lucky but i did do a ton of raids (about 10 per day). We had 40 ppl in my raid and only 2 of us got an invite. The other raid group had 8/16 get an invite. Our invites also came out really late. We got the invite 18hrs before the actually raid.


Unless I get a 98 or 100% Slakoth my first Slaking will be the 0%.
No matter which one I evolve, I won’t be using a single Rare Candy on it. I only throw them at the Ledgendary’s as I can’t catch those candy.


At Level 25, this is my top squad. Personally I don’t think it’s bad at all, i’m just unhappy with the fact that there are 4 Groudon in it


Already a Slaking? And Milotic?


The weather in London is either cloudy or rainy. Plus, rare candy helps as well


at level 29 my best is a cp 2957 Rhydon that I found wild in sunny weather.


Another top 12 update at Level 27