What's your highest CP Pokémon?


What’s your highest CP Pokemon? Post screenshots


my Snorlax with 3019


Just got this bad boy over 3000


mine is only a 3000 CP Dragonite, however I have never powered up and have over 3 millions stardust haha


This is my current best poke :slight_smile:


Got lucky enough to catch a decent IV shiny Magikarp


Holy guacamole!:astonished: I don’t think anyone’s ever even counted that high​:sweat_smile:


You got so lucky with that shiny gyarados!!!




Enough rhydons? :slight_smile: What does the lettering stand for btw?


Rhyhorns are everywhere in city

G = Ground
GM = Good Moveset
BM = Bad Moveset

91 = IVs



Caught this baby (as a Dratini) just after finishing my hardest final exam 3 weeks ago. 98% IVs and my personal favorite moveset make it more than a great reward for that day, despite the 200k dust and 200 Dratini candy I had to shell out. :joy:


Still working on the Blissey and Dragonite…


This is my highest CP Pokémon at the moment:


fudge you have a shiny D: I seriously can’t wait when trading comes (probably never)



My top squad at the moment


91 IV as well