What's your highest CP Pokémon?


My Tops:


The top 6 plus the Gyrados are all Powered as high as they can go. I’m on L38 and the Power up tab has disappeared on those.


So the max level of a Pokémon is 39 I understand? Why is that? Why can’t it 40?


It’s actual 39.5
Through the whole game no matter what level you are on, you can fully power your Pokemon to 1.5x what your current trainer level is.
e.g. level 21 Trainer can power up to 22.5.

As to why, I have no idea what they made it like that?


That’s what I thought but https://db.pokemongohub.net/pokemon/248 says a level 39 Tyranitar has a max CP of 3617. That’s why I started doubting.



Maxed my 96% Lugia out sitting proudly between the maxed out Tyranitars and 98 Dragonites.



It’s been a while, but here’s what my top squads looking like


Threw everything at the Mew2 by the looks, nice :+1:
Can that go any higher?


Yep, can still get about 5 maybe 6 power ups at the moment (Level 36 with no rare candy left☹️)


A few changes in my Top 12 since I last updated.
Maxed a 100% Rhydon out and also evolved and maxed out a 98% Larvitar caught at 712CP. The only one in my Top 12 that hasn’t been fully maxed out is #10.


Nice work, can only imagine how much Stardust that took


When you consider any Egg hatch or Raid is a level 20 Pokemon regardless of CP. It takes 205K Star to Power Up to the maximum level of 39.5 from there.
I know my 2 98% Dragonites were caught at very low CPs well below L20 and my 100% and 96% Tyranitars were extremely low as well.
If you say they level out the ones that were higher I estimate the total Star Dust would be somewhere between 2.46Mil and 2.2Mil.


They restore it back :slight_smile:

Now 39.5 max


It’s always been you can power up 1.5 times higher than your current trainer level capping out at 39.5. e.g. if your Trainer Level is 25 you can Power Up all your Pokemon to L26.5 at the time.
I think a lot are confused about the recent bug fix where L39.5 has been mentioned.
There was a glitch where L39.5 Power Up could be reached earlier than when you reached L38 through powering up on multiple devices at the same time or some other aided program that helped Power Up beyond L39.5 from what I’ve previously herd.
I’m betting the bug fix relates to those issues.


Another update on the squad


Nice collection of variety. Still a lot of Dust to be used to get them to max too.


Yeah, going to go on a spending spree at Level 38. All I need is that last little bit of XP, and some rare candy for the legendaries.


I was pleased I was 3 power Ups away from Maxing out my Entei then they went and increased the Maximum Level so it became 5 Power Ups. It’s taking a while to collect the Rare Candy to finish it off. I’ve done 1/2 doz L2-3 Raids in the last 5 days that has given me 3 Rares total so it’s taking me longer than I want.
I’ll keep hitting Absol now as I tried one tonight solo playing the families accounts and did it easy and got 3 Rares. With the Charge Move function changing I have to turn all the phones upside down to see and use it :rofl::rofl:
Just need 1 to be available every day after work now :grinning:

Since the Level increase I’ve only Maxed out the top 4 so far, one of which was a new 712CP 98% Larvitar. The new one is 5 CP higher than the other 2 as it has an Attack Stat of 15 where the other 2 are 14.
Raikou made a brief appearance in the 12 but was bumped by the new 98% Tyranitar and Entie. It will get back in once I get and throw another 30 Rares at it.