What team are you on and why did you join?


I’m just defending my team’s mascot which is in my profile picture. Good of you that you explained your statements. Now we can bury the hatchet, and please don’t talk trash about Moltres anymore.


So my fifth point was correct
For the second time, lets finish this


Yes, it’s finished. Every team is good and every bird is good. We can all get along. No need to argue.


I can’t believe that an actual argument popped up over this. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


@VanHooIII now you can draw all 3 birds hanging out as friends.


The best bird is…




No it is Taillow!


Smack Some wings on bidoof lol


I think it is talonflame but pidgey is a joke because it is so common but tailow is even more common for me


Or magikarp


For me, too…


Wait until it evolves lol


The best bird:
Evolve it
Realize gyarados should have been dragon type


This is off topic


In my opinion both Zapdos and Moltres are good


I honestly only use Moltres because I have an 98% 14/15/15 and a 100%. But I like Zapdos’s design the most. But I didn’t choose my team because of the birds. I chose Instict because it was the best team for me to choose.


Yveltal: laughs


They’re both se to each other so they’re pretty much equal


It wasn’t my choice to join Mystic, but since it is best team, I stuck with it.