What team are you on and why did you join?




super effective


Moltres doesnt learn any though


You mean Mystic is the team with the most players. We just had a discussion that there is no best team.


I would have joined Valor if it was my choice.


Good choice.


My son knew my favorite color was red, so he picked blue out of spite.


He installed the game before you?


No, I put it on phone because he wanted to play. Then I learned how fun it was.


Like this?


I wanted to see what a gym looked like when I was only Level 3. When it told me to pick a team, I thought it would just tell me to go away until I reach Level 5.

I didn’t think too much about it but went with my gut and picked instinct, and was surprised to find out that my choice was permanent, even though I was under-level to use gyms. Besides, using instinct and winding up picking instinct seems fitting in a sense.


From that description it seem our Leader would capture “any” strong pokemon no matter evolution and no matter how hard the feat is, is very determined to defeat all opponents. Also our leader is able to find and draw forth inner strength in Pokemon, and is more in tune with a pokemons instinctual mysterious mystic strength.

:man_shrugging:t5:thats what i got from that :crazy_face:
Also Red are Pokemon Masters from the start


Red are Pokemon masters from the start?


From the Get Go


I dont really understand what do you mean by that


“Very much in line with what Pokemon Trainers have been taught from the get-go; to be the very best Pokemon Master”


Wow that’s funny as hell


Wtf is that luck


Yes it is. :wink:


I have an 100 and wb 98 kyogre