What team are you on and why did you join?


Zapdos has a type advantage on moltres and articuno


Best color:
All of them
Best mascot:
All of them
Overall popularity
In my opinion


Instinct - the most intuitive, good at hatching eggs :yellow_heart::hatching_chick::crystal_ball:
Spark - funny, clumsy, looks like he’s from a boy band
Mystic - the most analytical, good at evolving :blue_heart::sauropod::snowflake:
Blanche - calm, serious, looks like the Snow Queen
Valor - the strongest, good at battles :heart::martial_arts_uniform::muscle:
Candela - confident, active, looks like Halle Berry


I would assign a stat to each of them


Spark is also active in my opinion


They all have many qualities, I wrote some that are characteristic and noticeable at first sight.


Articuno has an advantage on Zapdos too…


It’s like paper, rock, scissors. It’s pointless discussing which one is better.


But it doesn’t on Moltres


Zapdos beats both, Moltres beats Uno and loses to Dos, Uno loses to both
Not really RPS


And you are in the wrong team.


Thats your opinion.:smile:


Lmao how again


“then lets finish this”
“you are in the wrong team”


You don’t want to finish this. You with your feisty attitude are better suited for Team Valor. And you talk trash about Moltres although it’s good. Admit that you chose your team just because you love Zapdos and end this. Diminishing other teams and their mascots is not a good way to make friends and make a good impression.


4 best reasons to pick a team

Unless if someone else you play with is a certain team so you want to join it too


Ive stated that Zapdos beats both 1v1 and that its not RPS
Thats true, so why continue this and even claim I have chosen the wrong team, that I just like Zapdos or that “I chose Zapdos because its factually more useful than the other two” is not the same as “everybody should choose instinct because its mascot is the best”
Where did I “diminish” other teams again?


If I must remind you…

  1. Saying that Zadpos > Moltres isnt saying Instinct > Valor

  2. Explaining why I dont like Moltres isnt saying that Instinct is factually better either

  3. Saying that I wouldnt want to be Valor because kf their mascot is, again, not saying one team is better

  4. Making fun out of you for claming one team is stronger isnt saying that either

  5. Why did you get so triggered over your favourite legendary?


Tbh why are you guys still arguing over which legendary and which team is better, overall it doesn’t matter. Just my thoughts.