What team are you on and why did you join?


Valour because I like that they seek strength



I chose the right team!


Got Valor too, what a load of nonsense, dont want that underpowered legendary as my mascot :no_mouth:


But Valor is the strongest team. Candela says so in her message. You just look at the bird. That’s such a petty reason.


Thats actually a good reason
If Valor is the strongest, why would they choose Moltres over Zapdos


Because Moltres is better in Pokemon GO. And you’re overthinking this. It’s a game. Valor is red, it’s the color of fire, that’s why their mascot is Moltres. And when you have 3 Pokemon as mascots they couldn’t be equal but each has their own advantage, strength and merit. So it all comes up to personal preference. Many people like the color blue so that’s why Team Mystic has the most members. Some people chose their team because of the mascot, some because their friends and family were in that team, some because of the team leader and what they said about their philosophy. And some people just chose randomly.


I’d have picked Valor because Red is my favorite color, but when I started game, my 8 year old was in control. So I have stuck with blue since.


And Im not saying either of those is wrong, Im saying that “Valor is best because Candela says it” is stupid because its mascot says otherwise


If you measure the strength and power and ability of let’s say a sports club by the mascot that represents it, than you’ll be very disappointed when the team with “weaker” mascot wins the cup.


If a team is obsessed with strength yet their mascot is a pathetic chicken that was loafing around with stuff like Emboar for God knows how long before people started using it to remove its biggest weakness before it gets set up, then its quite fair to say that they dont live up to their reputation


Your logic is flawed.


That quiz gave me Instinct. lol


How? A team that is built around power and nothing more has a weak mascot, how does that make sense?
TLDR: claiming that Valor is strong because Candela says so is even more stupid than claming its weak because of its mascot


Again you’re overthinking this. It’s a game. Creators of the game designed teams and gave them mascots. In the game lore Candela says that her team is the strongest. The mascot is OK. Your team Instinct according to you has a strong mascot, but it has a weak leader. So what now? Just let it go.


You were the one who started arguing about which reason is better, I simply stated that Zadpos is miles better in the games and that this is why I chose it


Then let’s finish this.


Zapdos is easily my favorite of the three … but … I hate the color yellow. lol


Got Valor in quiz


Guys guys I can beat both moltres and zapdos with my rock so it’s pointless to argue which one is better, the rock is clearly better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: