What team are you on and why did you join?


I don’t really care about it, since I don’t gym battle much


It’s easy. Go here -> https://niantic.helpshift.com/a/pokemon-go/?p=web
Find this:


My parents said they did


Moltres isnt a good one though


It’s the best fire type attacker.


In GO, not in the main games
It wasnt even here when I was choosing the team
And many Pokémon are overtaking that title very soon anyways


I don’t know about the main games, but in Pokemon GO Moltres is good. And Zapdos isn’t the best electric type attacker in Pokemon GO now.


But Zapdos was a great Mon in the games while Moltres wasnt, and none of these were in GO at the time I was choosing


But in Pokemon GO Moltres is better, so would you choose Valor now?


No, because Moltres wont be the best for so long, doesnt look nearly as original and, of course, isnt that good in the games
And my community is about 40% Instinct as well


So it’s just a matter of personal preference.


Valor. I was going to choose Yellow because i thought of Pikachu. Was then going to choose blue, even my friend at the time with me who didn’t play said choose blue…but i didn’t wanna listen.

I choose Red, Valor because it said it was POWER. An i knew the strongest always usually wins.

i would not change my team


Valor because of the description and Moltres.


My son picked the blue team


I read it but I didn’t know it was related to choosing one team I thought I was choosing all of them


As Pokemon GO wasnt released everywhere at the same time and I didnt want to get my PKMN TrIner Acc Banned because of the apks, I waited and watched MYSTIC7, so when Pomemon Go released in Croatia I decided to be the same team as Mystic,but I had windows phone and i was hearthbroken when I found out they wont release Pokemon Go for WP(since I am a huge fan of pokemons).And so I waited until i finally got a new phone that was android.I installed Mons as soon as i got it.I decided to be team Mystic(when I finally managed to log in since there was a problem with logging in with PTC, and I didn t want to log in with Google)since Mystic7 was the only ytuber that played PkmGo that i watched and was the only thing that was a bit helpful to go through tough times when i went outside with friends and they were all playing while only thing I could do is catch pokemons when they gave me.:slight_smile:


Instinct, because electric are my favorite Pokemon type. I joined about 2 months after release, and I had no idea all of the people where picking Red or Blue. At some time, I wanted to change, but I’ve grown really found of my fellow Yellow buds! Plus, whenever I get a “Win x Gym Battles” quest, I can pretty much do it at 20 steps away from anywhere.
Downside is, I do sometimes spend a whole week without free coins.

we might be a small house, but we’re a proud one


Was between valor and mystic because red and blue were my first Pokémon games. Went with Valor because 1. My favorite color is red. 2. cousins joined Valor 3. Most of my friends were in valor. 4. I liked the team name of valor.




I got Instinct from that quiz